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Thanks Punjab Police – Naibaat

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Thanks Punjab Police – Naibaat

It was a general feeling keeping the country’s political history in the background that the police should not have gone to Imran Khan’s house, but this feeling could not prevail for long as other sentiments were more logical and lively than that of Imran Khan. Pakhtun groups should not have called Punjab for their protection. These masked terrorists should not have attacked the police and rangers with petrol bombs. The jathas willing to do mischief should not have raised sticks, should not have hurled insults. Lahore’s busiest road and a posh area should not have been made a Nogo area. If we accept Imran Khan’s philosophy and justification for attacking the police who come to execute court orders, then tomorrow everyone will have the power to establish a state within a state. The situation of justice and law is already different with us, after the implementation of Imran Khanate, disaster is disaster.
Let me tell you the truth, the truth is that no logical and unbiased person who has previously become a custodian of the foulest abuses just because of his disagreement with Imran Khan’s philosophy can support this person and group if his Shame, honor and modesty are still there. Whether he is an intellectual, an analyst or a journalist, he is also a human being and he can disagree with Imran Khan, but the price of this disagreement is the same as what the police had to pay in Zaman Park. As soon as Imran Khanate is rejected on social media, groups of trolls attack, who do not even care about any mahram and sacred relationship while abusing. And after that to IG Punjab Police. The truth is that these fake account holders sent from WhatsApp groups turn the group differences into group rather than personal enmity.
The truth is that Imran Khan was playing with fire by bringing groups of Pakhtuns on the streets of Punjab, making them riot. These people pretended to be Imran Khan’s loyalists, while the leaked phone calls of Ali Amin Gandapur show that they were all mercenary thugs who were being smuggled here just for thuggery. They had not only made Canal Road a Nogo area, but Zaman Park had also been declared an undeclared area. I want to put this question before Pakistanis who have heart and mind that the way the Pakhtun gangs threw petrol bombs in Lahore and resisted, if the Punjabis went to the streets of Peshawar, Charsadda or Bannu, would they resist? Killing the police, whatever the reason, will be taken for granted. People of Lahore have a big heart. Before this, the bazaars of Lahore are filled with Pakhtun traders, although the Punjabis and Lahoris have the first right to this occupation, but there is no complaint from the big hearted Lahoris. Pakhtun leaders should think how they can stop some of their bullies from doing this hooliganism with their benefactors. These scandals can create hatred between provinces.
The truth is that many aristocrats live in Zaman Park and among them are relatives of Imran Khan, but acquaintances say that their relationship with Imran Khan is very bad. I asked Kashif Sulaiman, a senior journalist who has been covering PTI for decades, that if Imran Khan goes to the house of any of his relatives and hides, he laughed and said that he himself would arrest him like Saeed Niazi. I asked that Imran Khan has built a new house in his Prime Ministership in Zaman Park. Is it possible that a tunnel exits from this house to a relative’s house? Kashif Sulaiman’s answer was with full confidence that if a tunnel exits, it will not exit to a relative’s house, but to Aitzaz Ahsan’s house. Or the office can definitely leave. When the police completed the operation there, some of our journalists talked to the local people, and the women were seen congratulating the police on this operation, thanking the police. Imran Khan was saying that only his wife was in the house of Zaman Park, but the police were being fired from that house and along with arms, sacks of marbles were also being seized from there for resistance. A police officer said that the people who were caught from there, we felt threatened at first glance, that they would also have suicide vests. These were the terrible people from whom the educated women of Zaman Park were coming out and thanking the caretaker government and the Punjab Police after losing their lives.
The truth is that PTI had given its own permission for the search operation by entering into an agreement with the government and the police in the Lahore High Court, after which the operation was formally carried out with a search warrant. After this permission, if PTI did not remove arms, fronts for attack and disappeared people of banned organizations, it is its own laziness and incompetence. It is being said that this operation should have been done when Imran Khan was at home. This position may be emotionally correct but not strategically. The police always choose a time for action when there is least resistance and fear of escape. When Imran Khan left for Islamabad with the fighters called from his country to protect him, it was the best time to conduct a search operation. Even when the security forces and the police conduct operations against encroachments, it is mostly late at night or early in the morning at dawn.
The truth is that Imran Khan’s entire political strategy of Puri was full of contradictions. It was clear that the police did not want to arrest him. When they knew that eventually they would have to appear before the court, there was no need for them to put up this kind of resistance. It was a proverbial situation that now they had to reach Islamabad and they reached that means they had to eat onions and they did. The truth is that Imran Khan’s ignorant advisors are constantly making him take wrong decisions. They are leading them into a dead end from which there is no way back. Before them, PPP and Nawaz League have also come back after licking this stone. Why does Imran Khan want to lick this stone till the end? Khan has been taught a lesson, shown the way.

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