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The accusation of the technicians: “The Veneto woods deserve more attention”

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The Festival of Forests has been inaugurated in Pian Cansiglio. An international event with a look into the future

ALPAGO. The third edition of the Fair and Festival of the Forests, away from Longarone to Pian Cansiglio, was inaugurated yesterday with a bang. Alberto Negro, former administrator of Veneto Agricoltura, speaking on behalf of forestry companies, said that it is “ridiculous” to assign less than 5% of the resources of the Regional Development Plan to safeguarding the forests, after what happened with Vaia. And he impeached politics. Marco Bussone, president of Uncem, admitted that this insensitivity is also found in the national field. And this while the Hon. Roger De Menech has once again urged, in addition to the forest, to regenerate the wood supply chain.

The Cansiglio forest, in truth, is a model of this regeneration, but be careful – recommended Giustino Mezzalira, manager of Veneto Agricoltura – those that are being planted are, in many sites, the woods of the past, not those of the future. With global warming and tropical temperatures rising even in our latitudes, we don’t need to plant the usual tree species. And it is also wrong to “leave it to nature”, that is to allow the undergrowth to grow back spontaneously.

Nicola Dell’Acqua, Veneto Agriculture director, invited us to reflect on two strategic issues, the quality and biodiversity of the forest, in a very interesting comparison between Veneto, Trentino Alto Adige and Fvg, with all the associations. It was then the turn of Gian Angelo Bellati, President of Longarone Fiere Dolomiti. «The cooperation of the Fair with international bodies and with countries outside the European Union gives the event a showcase of particular importance that will allow us to bring comparisons and ideas even beyond our borders».

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Luca Zaia, the governor, intervened with a recommendation, also endorsed by the president of the province, Roberto Padrin: “Preserving our forest heritage and protecting it with targeted actions is our specific duty”. The presence of ambassador Miguel García Winder, representative of Mexico at the United Nations agency in Rome, demonstrates the internationality of the event: “The relationship between Mexico and Italy is important, which have very similar environments that lead us to collaborate with events like these to conserve biodiversity and I hope to find common paths in these two days that will lead us to safeguard our and your forests ”.

Councilor Veneto Corazzari asked, for his part, that man not be estranged from nature by creating a devastating concept that would only lead to the degradation of the mountain but exploit events such as the fair to give an example of synergy and bring a strong message to safeguard the forest and the environment. Numerous other conferences today and tomorrow. The Pian del Cansiglio forest area, managed by the Foresta Amica di Coldiretti Belluno Group, has meanwhile been certified by the CSQA as a Pefc ecosystem. It is a certification that assensures the use of forests and forest land in a way and at a pace that maintains their biodiversity, productivity, regeneration capacity.Francesco Dal Mas

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