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The outbreak of the epidemic in China caused chaos in the medical funeral system | Drugs | Epidemic

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The outbreak of the epidemic in China caused chaos in the medical funeral system | Drugs | Epidemic

[The Epoch Times, December 30, 2022](Interviewed and reported by Zhang Zhongyuan, a reporter from the Epoch Times special feature department) Without warning, the CCP has suddenly shifted from dynamic clearing to full opening, and infection peaks have occurred in many places. Antipyretic and cough medicines are “difficult to find”, and the price has skyrocketed. Oxygen concentrators and oximeters have been snapped up. The medical and funeral systems are paralyzed.

Zhang Wenhong, Director of the Department of Infectious Diseases, Huashan Hospital Affiliated to Fudan University, mentioned in a speech on December 21 that some elderly people will experience “silent hypoxia” after being infected with the epidemic. Without treatment, patients can easily become critically ill with pneumonia. He suggested that neighborhood committees or enterprises can send a pulse oximeter to families with elderly people. As soon as this remark came out, a variety of oxygen concentrators and oximeter products on multiple e-commerce platforms were sold out within a day.

Hospitals were paralyzed as patients surged. Yang Yun (pseudonym), a doctor at the fever clinic of Beijing Fangshan District Hospital, told The Epoch Times reporter on December 23: “Too many people are infected now, and the corridors of the hospital are full of people. It is very cold, and patients are queuing up outside. Even Those who were taken to the hospital by ambulance could not be treated immediately, and 120 ambulances were also queuing up.”

“Medical staff have been exposed to the sun wave after wave, and they persisted in their posts even when they were sick. They were all overworked. Many family members of the medical staff were also sunburned. There was no one to take care of them at home, and they couldn’t work hard when they were in a hurry.” He said. Say.

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Not only are the hospitals overcrowded, but there are queues at the crematorium to cremate the corpses, but the CCP wants to block the news. Beijing Eastern Suburb Funeral Home issued an urgent notice on December 19, strictly prohibiting anyone from being interviewed by any media or organization; discussing, answering or disclosing information related to the museum, work operation, etc.; strictly prohibiting filming, editing or posting text messages, WeChat mailboxes and Weibo Send the work status (of the funeral home) in the form of other media. Any violation will be dealt with seriously.

Funeral homes and crematoria are severely understaffed as the death toll soars. Shanghai Binhai Ancient Garden issued a letter of proposal to the CCP members and cadres to support the funeral frontline. The proposal stated that the three funeral parlors in Shanghai are operating at an overloaded business volume, and there is a serious shortage of manpower and material resources. They are urgently recruiting party members, cadres to pick up the corpses or to accompany the corpses, as well as the staff of the corpse pick up platform.

However, the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention stated in a report on December 25 that the cumulative number of deaths from the epidemic in the country was only 5,241, which drew rebuttals from the public.

Hongda (pseudonym), a resident of Fengtai District in Beijing, told The Epoch Times on the 27th, “The CCP said that only a few thousand people died, how could it be possible. A few days ago I said on WeChat that it would take at least a week for Beijing funeral parlors to cremate the remains. It was blocked.” “Now the waiting time for cremation is longer, and it has to wait for more than a month. There is nowhere to put the corpses, and they are all sent to the cold storage, which is the cold storage for frozen pork. This is a fact, it can be blocked Got it? The CCP is a dictatorship and doesn’t allow people to tell the truth.”

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“The CCP keeps shouting about fighting against the sky and the earth all day long, as if it is so capable, and the common people can’t even buy the most basic cold medicine.” He said.

Li Tong, Chief Physician of the Respiratory and Infectious Diseases Department of Beijing You’an Hospital, said at the 2023 “Returning the Ball Times” annual meeting on December 16 that after the adjustment of the epidemic policy, the number of infections increased, and medical institutions, transportation operations, shopping malls and supermarkets, and express takeout Employees are at greater risk of infection. The medical and nursing logistics in the hospital are also infected in groups. Now the medical run is mainly reflected in the fever clinic and emergency department. The main reason is that the supply of pain relievers and cold medicines cannot be bought due to the tight supply of pharmacies, so people can only go to fever clinics, causing the staff to be infected.

On December 26, Wang Guiqiang, director of the Department of Infectious Diseases at Peking University First Hospital, said that since December, many places in China have seen the first wave of infection peaks, after which a certain herd immunity will be formed, and the number of infections will decline at that time. However, there is a clear correlation between the peak and severe illness and death. The more the number of patients in a short period of time, the more likely there will be a medical run, which will affect the treatment of critically ill patients.

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