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Tips to save water and energy

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Tips to save water and energy

Although the first rainy season began this April, the situation of the reservoirs that supply water to our city and energy to the country remains very low. Therefore, in the final stage of the El Niño phenomenon, it is important to adopt measures to save these resources and thus avoid rationing in the coming months.

Here are some practical tips to do it:

Monitor consumption:

Keep track of water and energy consumption at home. This will help you identify if you are using more than usual and allow you to be more efficient and save money.

Repair water leaks:

Drips left in the shower, sinks and dishwashers can generate large water consumption. If your home has those leaks, repair them and your utility bill will surely go down.

Use water efficiently:

Adopt habits that reduce water consumption, such as taking shorter showers, turning off the faucet while brushing your teeth, washing clothes in the washing machine only with a full load, and under no circumstances leave faucets running when they are not needed.

Install water saving devices:

Installing low-flow devices in the shower and dishwasher significantly reduces water consumption, without sacrificing comfort.

Take advantage of rainwater:

If you have a terrace or patio and it is possible for you to store rainwater, do so. This will allow you to use this resource in tasks that do not require drinking water, such as watering the bushes, the garden or washing the car and motorcycle.

Reduce energy consumption:

Take steps to reduce energy consumption, such as turning off appliances when not in use, using LED lights, unplugging chargers from electronic devices, and reducing the use of air conditioning.

Make thermal insulation:

Install solar control films on windows and use thermal insulation on walls, which will allow you to reduce the use of fans and air conditioners.

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Use appliances responsibly:

Review the consumption of your appliances and prioritize those that are most efficient. When replacing bad appliances, look for new ones with less consumption, this way you will save a lot of money.

To achieve the objective of reducing water and energy consumption, it is important that the entire family participates and becomes aware of the need to do so and thus help reduce the possibilities of rationing. This not only benefits the environment, but can also help mitigate the impacts of this climate phenomenon.

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