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Will there be enough water in the dry season in Cali?

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Will there be enough water in the dry season in Cali?

After three years, The dry season returns in Cali and many wonder about the availability of water resourcesbecause the lack of rain could reduce the flow of some rivers and put the supply of vital liquid at risk.

However, from the municipal administration they assure that in Cali there are five drinking water treatment plants from Emcali (Cali River, La Rivera, Cauca River, La Reforma and Puerto Mallarino)which are ready to guarantee the supply of liquid to the more than 2,300,000 inhabitants of the city, during the transition to the dry season.

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Emcali will guarantee drinking water service in the dry season

“If we get to levels below what we can treat, we plan to work with the two largest plantsPort Mallarino and Cauca River (what is the low net), make some exchanges. We open some valves with interconnections and we would operate some tanks, where we would pass water from the low network to the high network so that the city can have complete peace of mind that we are going to have the service,” he argued. Lucierne Obonaga-LoperaAssistant Manager of Potable Water at Emcali.

According to the official, In times of drought, the low waterwhich is the lowest level of a river, which makes it difficult to capture the liquid for treatment. However, he said, Empresas Municipales de Cali is prepared with reserves and technical protocols for normal service.

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Recommendations for the dry season in Cali

Likewise, and from the component of Aqueduct, A call is made for people from Cali to responsibly use the water that reaches their homes. “We have to implement some actions such as not washing cars and front gardens; do not leave the keys open; repair any damage that occurs inside the houses and take short showers”, concluded Obonaga.

The Mayor of Cali invites citizens to denounce, in the line 177 and to the number 602 524 01 77, whoever wastes water or has fraudulent connections in their home.

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