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Xiamen: Create a financial benchmark and accurately empower the real economy

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Create financial benchmarks and accurately empower the real economy

The Municipal Financial Bureau takes multiple measures to strengthen financial services and promote the high-quality development of the financial industry

Xiamen DailyNews (Reporter Lu Yang) In the list of benchmark cities in various indicator areas of the National Business Environment Assessment 2020 released not long ago, Xiamen City was selected as a “National Benchmark” by the National Development and Reform Commission in terms of credit indicators and financial business environment. The reporter learned from the Municipal Finance Bureau that since this year, the Municipal Finance Bureau has thoroughly implemented the decisions and deployments of the Municipal Party Committee and the Municipal Government, continued to improve the level of financial services in the real economy, and promoted the precise investment of financial resources by taking the lead in building platforms for government-bank-enterprise docking and corporate listing services. “Three highs” enterprises, key projects, private enterprises and small, medium and micro enterprises.

It is understood that in terms of credit, as of the end of May, Xiamen’s RMB deposit and loan balance has exceeded 2.69 trillion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 14.4%, ranking second in the province. Advanced manufacturing and modern service industries have become the two industries with the most concentrated credit resources; In terms of capital market, relying on the capital market service base jointly established by Xiamen, Shanghai Stock Exchange and Shenzhen Stock Exchange, Xiamen has newly added 4 listed companies this year, ranking first in the province, and there are 24 companies that have received listing counseling, filing and application acceptance, which is the most in the past three years. .

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According to the relevant person in charge of the Municipal Finance Bureau, finance is not only one of the first industrial chains in Xiamen that exceeded 100 billion yuan in output value, but also an important guarantee for the development of various entities’ industrial chains. In recent years, the Municipal Finance Bureau has focused on creating a “pioneer zone for financial opening to the outside world, a demonstration zone for integrated development of industry and finance, a highland for financial technology development, and a highland for wealth management innovation”. Merchants, fund investment, and platform investment channel advantages form a linkage with the investment of various industry chain groups. At present, represented by supply chain finance, green finance, shipping finance, funds and other industrial finance, the demonstration effect of the integrated development of industry and finance in Xiamen has continued to increase, and featured brand forums such as the China Fund of Funds Summit and the Southern Summit of the Financial Technology 50 Forum have been formed. As of the end of May, Xiamen’s financial industry revenue reached 75 billion yuan, and the total scale of private equity funds exceeded 300 billion yuan, becoming an important force in cultivating innovation and entrepreneurship; in shipping finance, it continued to maintain the fourth largest aircraft financing lease and the largest second-hand aircraft in the country. The financial leasing gathering area has effectively promoted the development of the aviation and shipping industry.

In order to create a legal environment for financial stability and development, Xiamen took the lead in promulgating the Local Financial Regulations of Xiamen Special Economic Zone in November last year to build a local financial governance system and escort the development of the real economy. Xiamen is recognized by the People’s Bank of China as one of the regions with no high-risk institutions in the country. As of the end of May, Xiamen’s non-performing credit rate was 0.86%, maintaining a low level in the past ten years and surpassing the national and provincial averages.

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It is worth mentioning that since May 1 this year, the “Regulations on Prevention and Handling of Illegal Fund Raising” have been fully implemented. The Municipal Financial Bureau will continue to improve the level of financial rule of law and risk prevention and control capabilities, and earnestly maintain a stable financial order for Xiamen City. Comprehensively deepen the construction of a world-class business environment and provide a good financial development environment.


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