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National Women’s Soccer Championship

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National Women’s Soccer Championship

National Women’s Soccer Championship

Shaanxi Rose is unbeaten and regrets missing the quarterfinals

2022-03-17 22:40:46Source: Xi’an News Network

The group stage of the 2022 Chinese Football Association National Women’s Football Championship ended a few days ago. Although the Shaanxi Chang’an Athletic Women’s Football Team remained unbeaten in the group stage, they still missed the quarterfinals due to the competition system. “The girls performed well as a whole and showed a good mental outlook, but they failed to advance to the quarter-finals, which is a pity!” said the senior management of Chang’an Athletic Club regretfully.

The top eight of the competition are all generated (subtitle)

A total of 10 women’s Super League teams, 8 women’s first team teams and the U17 women’s national football team participated in this tournament. The 19 teams were divided into five groups in the first stage, and a total of three rounds were played. Among them, group C was composed of three teams and other teams. Four groups of four teams each. According to the competition system, the first in the five groups and the second in the three best groups will enter the top eight; the second in the remaining two groups and the third in each group and the fourth in the best results will enter the 9-16 team. Ranking match. In the second stage, all rankings will be determined according to the single-elimination format of quarter-finals, semi-finals and finals.

After three rounds of fierce competition of 27 games, all the top eight seats were generated. Shandong Sports Lottery, Sichuan Women’s Football Team, Shanghai Rural Commercial Bank, Changchun Jiuyin Leasing, and Zhejiang Hangzhou Women’s Football Team advanced as the first in the group; Dalian Women’s Football Team, Beijing Women’s Football Team, and Yongchuan Chashan Bamboo Sea ranked the top three teams by their performance. Second identity promotion.

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The Chinese Football Association women’s football events mainly include the National Women’s Football Championship, the Women’s Super League and the FA Cup. The National Women’s Football Championship can be regarded as a training ground for outstanding young women’s football players in China. Judging from the overall situation of this group stage, the biggest highlight of this tournament is precisely that the teenagers made their appearances one after another, and they performed well. In the 27 games, there were more than 300 post-00 players on the stage, and 20 scored goals. There are many young players aged 17 and 18. According to the schedule, the next games will be held on March 19, 22 and 25.

Shaanxi girl reaps hope (subtitle)

In this competition, the Shaanxi Changan Athletic Women’s Football Team was assigned to Group B, which is definitely a “group of death”. The opponents in the same group are the Women’s Super League champion Wuhan Chegujiang University last season, the Women’s Super League runner-up Jiangsu Wuxi Women’s Football Team, and the women’s Super League powerhouse Sichuan Women’s Football Team. A senior executive of Chang’an Athletic Club told reporters: “In fact, as soon as the group came out, everyone knew that every game was a tough battle. The Shaanxi Women’s Football Team was still competing in the Women’s First Division last year, and only completed the Super League at the end of the season. The hardship is self-evident.”

In the face of a strong enemy, the Shaanxi girls did not have the slightest timidity. In the first round, with the goals of Huang Jiatong and Tian Yunlang, they defeated Wuhan Chegujiang University 2:1; in the second round, they also played against the Sichuan Women’s Football Team, and the result was 2 :2 ended; the third round drew 0:0 with Jiangsu Wuxi Women’s Football Team. After the three rounds, Shaanxi Chang’an Athletic, Sichuan Women’s Football Team and Jiangsu Wuxi Women’s Football Team both scored 5 points with 1 win and 2 draws, but they were squeezed out of the top eight because of too little goal difference.

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It is understood that the top priority of the Shaanxi Changan Athletic Women’s Football Team this year is to play the Women’s Super League. As a newly-promoted team, the Shaanxi team’s goal this season is to stay out of the relegation, and playing in the National Women’s Football Championship is actually just training for the Women’s Super League. In fact, judging from this tournament, Shaanxi Rose has inherited the spirit of the Northwest Wolf. She performed very tenaciously in the competition, and her technical and tactical abilities have been greatly improved compared to last year. The senior management of Shaanxi Changan Athletic Club said: “Although it is a pity to miss the quarterfinals, we also see the hope of Shaanxi Women’s Football.

Text/Provided by Wang Ruitu Club, All Media Reporter of Xi’an Newspaper Industry

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