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Sport Festival, Cairo: ‘Football lost 5 billion with the pandemic’

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At the Festival dello Sport the meeting on football to come. Boban: “The World Cup every two years is unacceptable”

Crisis management every two years: around the table of the Trento Sport Festival moderated by the deputy director of Gazzetta dello Sport, Andrea Di Caro, Urbano Cairo, Zvonimir Boban, Paolo Dal Pino and Javier Tebas launched clear messages in the meeting on the “football that will come”. The president of RCS Media Group and Turin, Cairo, underlined: “Italian football with the pandemic lost one billion euros, if we consider the four most important leagues we are five billion in loss. It is necessary to act on the lever of revenues by returning to fill the stadiums, now we are at 75% and it is a good thing, on the development of foreign revenues and on costs, which were already very high before the pandemic and have brought us to our knees. In Italy we have lost ground on television revenues, and we are far behind on foreign revenues. There was the possibility of involving foreign funds, with injections of capital and a change in governance ”.

Boban says no

The idea of ​​the biennial World Cup was clearly rejected by Boban. “The hypothesis of holding the World Cup every 2 years? Those who understand football and those who respect the institutions of our sport cannot accept it. The history of the most beautiful competition in the world would be erased. It is an idea that must be fought because it would hurt everyone ”.

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