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Swinging into Competition: The 2023 Guangxi Youth Tennis Championships Kick Off with 280 Young Athletes

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The 2023 Guangxi Youth Tennis Championships kicked off in Yong, with 280 young athletes from across the region competing for glory. This prestigious event, sponsored by the Autonomous Region Sports Bureau and the Autonomous Region Education Department, features three age groups and a total of 7 major events.

The championships include men’s and women’s teams, singles, doubles, and mixed doubles competitions. In addition, there are 21 minor events where the gold medal winners are eagerly awaiting their announcements. The winners of these events will not only receive recognition but also have the opportunity to improve their ranking in the national points system.

This year marks the second year that the Guangxi Youth Tennis Championship has been included in the CTJ points series. The inclusion of these points is of great significance for young tennis players in Guangxi as it allows them to enhance their standing in the national rankings. Consequently, the number of athletes participating in the Guangxi Youth Championships has been increasing steadily over the years.

Excitingly, the tennis event finals of the first National Student (Youth) Games, also known as the “Youth Youth Association,” will be held at the Guangxi Sports Center in November. The Guangxi Youth Tennis Championships serve as a testing ground for this upcoming competition. The event organizers aim to meet high standards and requirements to ensure the smooth execution of the various tasks involved. They strive to present a “safe, simple, and wonderful” sports event for all participants.

The 2023 Guangxi Youth Tennis Championships promise captivating matches and fierce competition as the talented young athletes give their all on the court. The energy and dedication displayed by these players serve as an inspiration to all aspiring tennis players in the region. Stay tuned for more updates on the winners and highlights of this thrilling event. (Reporter: Yu Zhiwei)

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