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The Asian Games Unveiled: A Bird’s-Eye View of the Vibrant City of Jinhua

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Title: The “Heart of Zhejiang”: Jinhua Prepares to Shine as Co-Host City of Hangzhou Asian Games

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[Jinhua City, Zhejiang Province] – As the co-host city of the upcoming Hangzhou Asian Games, Jinhua is making final preparations to welcome athletes, spectators, and visitors from all over the world. Known as a vibrant Jiangnan ink painting, the city offers a stunning bird’s-eye view of its picturesque landscape, showcasing its rich history and modern development.

Located in the heart of Zhejiang Province, Jinhua holds a significant position in the region – thus earning its nickname, “The Heart of Zhejiang.” The city’s strategic location became immortalized in a poem by the renowned female poet of the Southern Song Dynasty, Li Qingzhao, who likened Jinhua’s importance to water flowing through the south and air pressing through fourteen states.

One of the highlights of the Asian Games in Jinhua will be the Sepak Takraw competitions, which holds a special significance for the city. In fact, Jinhua is the birthplace of the takraw ball used in the 11th Beijing Asian Games, where sepak takraw was officially introduced as a competition event.

The Jinhua Sports Center will serve as the main venue for the Asian Games’ football group matches and the Sepak Takraw Hall, resembling a swan shell, will host all Sepak Takraw competitions, with six Asian Games gold medals up for grabs. The stadium’s design, with its steady and powerful curves, symbolizes the rapid and progressive vitality of life. The 68 steel structures that form the stadium’s roof further add to its architectural beauty.

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Surrounded by the Huhaitang Park, the Jinhua Sports Center offers a breathtaking vista with its emerald-green soccer fields and wetlands. With a total area of 381 hectares, the park is Jinhua City’s largest urban wetland that connects lakes, fish ponds, and streams. Known as the ecological “green lung” of the city, it provides a serene backdrop for sports enthusiasts and residents alike.

To provide a unique and memorable experience, the Asian Games branch village in Jinhua showcases the essence of Jiangnan gardening. The traditional pitched roofs, gray tiles, white walls, small bridges, and flowing water create an atmosphere reminiscent of the Wufeng and Song Dynasty eras. Visitors can also enjoy the 1,800-meter smart trail in nearby Chishan Park, complete with cutting-edge technology that records run pace, mileage, and duration.

No visit to Jinhua would be complete without exploring the Three Rivers and Six Banks. The breathtaking confluence of Dongyang River, Wuyi River, and Jinhua River forms the stunning landscape known as the “Three Rivers and Six Banks.” Pedestrians can stroll along the verdant riverbanks and admire the ancient city of Wuzhou, which stands as a testament to Jinhua’s rich history.

As the helicopter soars higher, Jinhua’s ancient city of Wuzhou blends seamlessly with the modern skyscrapers in the distance, symbolizing the city’s rapid development and harmonious coexistence of ancient and contemporary elements.

With the Hangzhou Asian Games as a backdrop, Jinhua is poised to showcase its youthful, energetic, and high-spirited urban spirit to the world. As the world sets its eyes on Jinhua, this vibrant city of Zhejiang is ready to make a lasting impression on athletes and tourists alike.

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