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Create 3 ultra-flexible business work skills through the mini host “Cubi 5” and “PRO DP10”

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Create 3 ultra-flexible business work skills through the mini host “Cubi 5” and “PRO DP10”

Affected by the epidemic in recent years, the business model of the enterprise has undergone considerable changes. In the past, the form of “all staff concentrating” in the same space is no longer, and it has been replaced by a more flexible “hybrid office”. Considering the changes in work patterns, many companies are also focusing on simplification and simple space layout in the configuration of offices, and the choice of common desktop hosts in the office has also changed, and the large and heavy traditional tower hosts are gradually being used. The trend of elimination, emphasizing that the “mini host” that does not take up space has become the mainstream. In addition, for micro-enterprises or start-up companies that choose to stay in an integrated business space, it is relatively unsuitable to adopt the combination of traditional desktops. In addition to laptops, small business hosts with both performance and scalability are paired with commercial screens. It has become the most suitable new solution for the current situation.

In order to cater to the trend of streamlining the workplace and flexible office, MSI business series provides a variety of product lines, among which the compact but powerful mini host “Cubi 5” and “PRO DP10” series are the first choice for hybrid office! Pair it with the same simple-looking Modern series of business monitors, or the PRO MP161 portable monitor with the main appeal of lightness and portability, you can immediately build a work platform that meets high-efficiency productivity, and at the same time enjoys high flexibility, desktop-level performance and expansion capabilities .

In view of the need for a large number of file exchanges during collaborative work, MSI launched a new “MSI Cloud Center” cloud service last year, allowing MSI business series hosts to convert the built-in storage space into a “private cloud” and move freely. Device pairing, quick file synchronization and sharing, members in the same domain can share the same data storage area, and users can also quickly switch between different computer devices, which is more convenient and unlimited!

In the following pages, the author recommends three “Ultra-Flexible Work Proposals” to give you an in-depth understanding of how the mini business host can provide high efficiency and convenience for different work forms!

Ultra-flexible working proposal one:FOR DP10 13M match Modern A series of commercial monitors simplify the desktop and maximize efficiency!

Generally, tower computer mainframes are mostly large in size, so they often cause trouble for users when they are placed. If you want to use them on the desktop, you usually have to prepare a large-sized table, and it is easy to make the desktop space stretched. If you choose to place the mainframe On the ground under the table, it is not very convenient to plug and unplug the connection port when using external devices, and the host may also malfunction due to moisture over time.

The “public upgrade” business host launched by MSI has become the best solution to the above problems! The ultra-mini volume of the whole machine is only 1.1 liters, which is not far from the size of a hardcover book, but it has a built-in 12-core processor up to Intel Core i7-1360P, which can meet the pursuit of high productivity for business workers.

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Although small in size, PRO DP10 13M has an amazing complete expansion port configuration. In addition to up to five sets of USB 3.2 Gen1 Type A ports to provide versatile peripheral support, it also has faster USB 3.2 Gen2 Type-C and ultra-high-speed Thunderbolt 4 transmission ports can fully meet the external expansion needs of different types of devices; in addition, the compact PRO DP10 13M has the ability to simultaneously connect to four external monitors, in addition to VGA, HDMI and DisplayPort. Thunderbolt 4 itself can also be used as a video output, which is more easily satisfied for the work types that need to browse multi-screen content at the same time!

It is worth mentioning that PRO DP10 13M also has complete specifications for wired and wireless network support, including a 2.5 GbE Ethernet interface with greater bandwidth and lower latency, and can also choose a Wi-Fi network with a speed of 2.4 Gbps -Fi 6E wireless network card, making the connection transmission capability more comprehensive.

Ultra-flexible working proposal two:MSI Cubi 5 12M + Modern or PRO MP243 Business Monitors Maximize Desktop Space

Don’t think that the 1-liter PRO DP10 13M is the limit of a mini host. The Cubi 5 12M is only 12 cm square and 5 cm high. its existence.

As for the hardware specifications that everyone cares about, the Cubi 5 12M is equipped with a powerful Intel Core i7-1255U processor, which can also be expanded to a maximum of 64 GB of memory and is equipped with a PCIe Gen4 x4 M.2 SSD and a 2.5-inch SATA HDD, the performance of file access and larger storage capacity make people have no worries.

The great thing is that the Cubi 5-12M is small in size, but still retains the advantages of desktop hosts in terms of expandability. Up to 4 sets of USB 3.2 Gen2 Type A ports are planned on the front and rear of the fuselage, and there is also a set of 40 Gbps high-speed The transmission and multi-function Thunderbolt 4 port makes the network transmission speed of 10 Gbps possible through the adapter, which can greatly shorten the waiting time for workers who have a large amount of audio-visual, photo… and other huge file transmission needs. Combined with another two sets of HDMI and DisplayPort display output ports, it can connect up to three sets of displays to provide more comprehensive support for business applications.

It is worth mentioning that the compact host of Cubi 5 12M is equipped with 2.5 GbE + 1 GbE “Dual Ethernet Port” specifications, which can satisfy the integration of a single computer connecting to the internal LAN and external network at the same time, and can also be connected through Dual network ports bring the effect of network connection backup, allowing the host to keep connected at all times.

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Also because the Cubi 5 12M is very compact, if you want to completely free up the desktop space, you can also choose a commercial monitor that supports the VESA interface such as MSI’s PRO MP243, and directly fix the Cubi 5 12M on the back of the fuselage to achieve the most extreme space. Saving benefits.

Ultra-flexible working proposal three:Cubi 5 12M + PRO MP161Portable screen to create the lightest and most efficient mobile workstation

In pursuit of a portable work platform, notebook computers may not be the only choice! The palm-sized, light-weight Cubi 5 12M is another best choice – of course, the matching monitor must be the equally portable MSI PRO MP161! The thickness is only 1.78 cm and the weight is about 750 grams, so you can easily put it in your bag and take it with you. After reaching the designated point, you can quickly complete the installation and start it for use. Compared with ordinary laptops, it has higher performance and expandability, and can satisfy business people. The need for stable productivity.

Although extremely thin and light, the PRO MP161 business portable monitor has a 15.6-inch Full HD resolution IPS panel specification. It also has MSI EyesErgo’s anti-flicker, blue light reduction and anti-glare… and other eye protection technologies. It can also be used with the original Display Kit tools for easy display adjustment and personalization.

In addition, PRO MP161 also has USB Type-C and mini HDMI dual output interfaces. In addition to pairing with the Cubi 5-12M mini host, it can also be used as a second screen for a laptop, or connected to a mobile device to enlarge the screen for easy file browsing , of course, it’s okay to enjoy watching dramas after work, that’s right! In the ultra-thin body of PRO MP161, two sets of 1.5W power speakers are also configured, which is just right for personal enjoyment of high-quality sound and light effects!

PRO MP161 also considers the user’s actual application requirements for the display. The adjustable folding bracket on the back of the fuselage provides a tilt adjustment range of 0° to 180°, and can also rotate 360°. In addition to the horizontal display mode, it can also support vertical display, adding more flexibility for actual use.

The most flexible file cloud application solution:MSI Cloud Center

In addition to hardware products, in order to provide a more comprehensive business application experience, MSI has also carefully created unique innovative functions at the software level, namely MSI Cloud Center, a “regional cloud service” tailored for MSI business computer series. Users do not need to set up additional hardware or pay additional subscription fees to convert the storage space in MSI business computers into a large-capacity cloud space. As long as the mobile device and the computer are in the same network domain, they can seamlessly It is more convenient to quickly transfer the data on the mobile phone to the MSI business computer by connecting to the file synchronization; of course, the data in the computer can also be accessed through the MSI Cloud Center on the mobile phone, or the files can be quickly shared with others.

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At the same time, MSI Cloud Center also allows the private cloud space of the same computer to be shared by multiple users, so that the mobile device data of multiple users can be integrated into the MSI business computer at one time, so it is very suitable for departments working together in the same area It can be used by individual copies or groups, and you can enjoy a more efficient file backup, management and sharing experience without additional costs.

Learn more about MSI Cloud Center

Summary: The appearance is miniature, but the power after the integration of hardware and software cannot be underestimated!

With the successive waves of digital transformation in recent years, enterprises face faster-paced changes in the general environment and the integration of more diverse digital tools, and urgently need “all-in-one” equipment as a backup. The desktop computer mainframe that can meet the requirements of hardware performance, expandability, security and easy maintenance at the same time is still the first choice at present, but if you consider the support for hybrid office forms, you must pay more attention to equipment. In terms of flexibility and flexibility in construction and use, the unique mini models of MSI business series hosts such as PRO DP10 and Cubi 5 series can bring excellent convenience to business workers, especially when paired with MSI’s diverse business monitors can give full play to the best benefits in different usage scenarios, allowing workers to easily match a personalized workspace that best meets their needs.

Although the MSI mini business mainframe is small in size, its hardware configuration and functionality are comparable to normal-sized desktop mainframes. In addition to the hardware configuration that keeps pace with the times, it also has complete external device expandability, such as PRO DP10 Both the Cubi 5 series and the Cubi 5 series are equipped with a sufficient number of connection ports, and even Thunderbolt 4 ports with better high-speed transmission capabilities. According to different needs, up to three sets of external displays can be connected, and the network connection is also more efficient. The 2.5 GbE and Wi-Fi 6E specifications make it easier to integrate different network configurations of enterprises.

Finally, we must mention the software innovation of MSI business series products. In addition to MSI Center with multiple functions and more flexible settings and adjustments, MSI Cloud Center, which can easily realize the synchronization and integration of mobile devices and computer clouds, is worth a try for business workers. It can greatly improve the efficiency of cross-device file integration, and make full use of the abundant storage space of desktop hosts, which is absolutely necessary for easy regional collaboration. File sharing mechanism.

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