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Especially on smartphones and consoles, less on PCs: video games in Italy in 2023

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Especially on smartphones and consoles, less on PCs: video games in Italy in 2023

The Italian video game market achieved positive numbers in 2023: the data from the report Video games in Italy in 2023published by IIDEAthe association representing the national videogame industry, confirm that even in an international macroeconomic context it is not easy for the Italian public is still strongly inclined to invest in so-called electronic entertainment.

After slight decline in 2022 (-1.2%) and despite the serious wave of layoffs that is affecting the industry globally, in our country the turnover exceeds 2.3 billion euros, with a 5% increase compared to the previous year.

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The numbers in Italy

With 665 million euros, equal to 29% of the total video game market, the hardware segment achieves an important 63% increase compared to the previous year. After the supply difficulties due to the semiconductor crisis of previous years, the availability of consoles in stock recorded an increase increase in sales, with a turnover of 487 million euros. The good performance of the consoles also drives the sales of accessories which in 2023 will increase by 46%, with a value of 178 million euros.

Bucking the overall performance of the software: drops by 8% while still remaining the predominant segment of the market equal to 71% of the total, with a value of 1.6 billion euros. Breaking down the data, we note that the purchase of securities placed on the market in 2023 is growing by 6% compared to 2022: the contraction of the general data is due to the decrease in purchases for expansions of video games via DLC, microtransactions for consoles and PCs, on-demand services, subscriptions to console services, segments that see a decline of 42% compared to the previous year, with a value of 285 million euros.

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2023 was a year full of quality games and the data highlights the preference of Italian users for the purchase of individual titles, compared to expansions and services. In general, software purchases are divided into 780 million euros for apps, 599 million for other digital formats, such as PCs and consoles, and 264 million in physical format.

Italian gamers

I There are 13 million video gamers in Italy and represent 31% of the population between 6 and 64 years old, with an average age of 30 years. They are 8 million men, 4.9 million women and 100,000 people who identify as neither women nor men (which is a figure that has been detected for the first time).

Il total number of gamers records an 8% drop compared to 2022, while the number of people who play at least once a week remains unchanged, around 10 million.

The contraction mainly affected i casual gamers, that is, those who play once a month or less: the trend in our country is in line with what is happening in other European markets. In 2021, in the midst of the pandemic, Italian video gamers had risen to 15.5 million.

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Devices and video games

In Italy there is a lot of gambling mobile devices, preferred by 9.2 million people who prefer titles such as Brain/Puzzle (21%), Trivia (17%) and Word (13%). In the ranking of devices, consoles follow, which entertain 5.5 million gamers with sports titles (27%), genre action/adventure (23%) and running (22%). PC closes the ranking, with 4.6 million gamers who prefer strategy games (22%), action/adventure (20%) and shooter (18%).

73% of gamers play at least one hour a weekfor an average duration of approximately 6.53 hours per week, one hour less than in 2022.

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The podium of the best-selling titles in 2023 confirms the first place the new chapter of the celebrated football series FC 24 (l’ex FIFA, In short). They follow Hogwarts Legacythe video game set in the fantastic world created by writer JK Rowling, and there is in third position Call of Duty: Modern Warfare III.

As for the rest of the rankingcontinues with Spider-Man 2, Super Mario Bros. Wonderthe new Zelda, Diablo IVthe races of F1 23the Middle Eastern atmospheres of Assassin’s Creed Mirage and the elegant fear of the remake of Resident Evil 4. For the first time, since it debuted way back in 2013he’s out Grand Theft Auto V.

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