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Glasses project a 130-inch high-definition screen, TCL Nxtwear S XR actual measurement!

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Glasses project a 130-inch high-definition screen, TCL Nxtwear S XR actual measurement!

[MOBILE]I used to travel with Google TV to watch dramas on the TV in the hotel room through Chromcast, but recently I became obsessed with TCL Glasses NXTWEAR S XR glasses because I can enjoy the 130-inch high-definition giant screen experience. The most important thing is that it can be connected to computers and many other devices for plug-and-play, and even mobile phones are supported. Therefore, it is especially suitable for watching movies or playing games on long-distance planes and cars, and has strong mobility.

▲The first time you open the box, you will find that TCL Glasses NXTWEAR S XR comes with a magnetic USB Type-C cable, magnetic sunglasses lenses, manuals, and a carrying case.

▲There is no need to charge the glasses before use. The author directly connects the TCL Glasses NXTWEAR S XR glasses to the Windows 11 laptop. It really is plug and play, and there is no driver installed in the Windows system.

▲After wearing TCL Glasses NXTWEAR S XR, since it only weighs 89 grams, it will not pose any burden. Use the left and right buttons on the eye arm to control the screen brightness and volume respectively (both eye arms are equipped with small speakers).

▲Although the author has more than 200 degrees of myopia, the problem can be solved by magnetically installing the low-degree lenses that come with the box into the glasses.

▲In addition, I also tried to simply wear TCL Glasses NXTWEAR S XR in front of the existing glasses, the effect is also excellent, enjoy 1080P picture quality, and support auto focus and adjust the interpupillary distance function, more effective experience XR in the process of use Extended reality. Friends with deeper myopia can receive a pair of TCL NXTWEAR S matching myopia correction lenses for free at the official designated after-sales service center, first come first served, while supplies last.

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▲After connecting the computer to the TCL Glasses NXTWEAR S XR for trial play, the author switched to the mobile phone to continue the trial play. If the Samsung flagship mobile phone is used to play, it is also plug-and-play, but the glasses do not display the mobile phone screen synchronously, but enter the Samsung Dex interface , you need to use the Track Pad mode of the mobile phone to operate.

▲Trying it with Sony’s flagship mobile phone is straightforward, and the effect is the same as when connected to a computer. TCL Glasses NXTWEAR S XR will simultaneously display the mobile phone interface.

▲In addition, you can also install the TCL AR app to play more functions of TCL Glasses NXTWEAR S XR, such as enabling the whisper mode to prevent others from hearing the sound of the speaker in the eyes, or using the exclusive app in the glasses to play with somatosensory operations.

▲It is worth mentioning that TCL Glasses NXTWEAR S XR is powered by a mobile phone that supports DP power output. If you want to connect an ordinary Android phone or iPhone, you can purchase the official MiraScreen portable adapter separately. It has a built-in 4,500mAh battery It can be used continuously for about 3.5 hours (price HK$799). In addition, users can also purchase an HDMI-to-Type-C converter on their own, and project devices such as Switch, PS, XBOX onto the glasses, and enjoy a viewing field of view equivalent to 4 meters in front of a 130-inch high-definition large screen at home.

▲Overall, TCL Glasses NXTWEAR S XR is suitable for use both outdoors and indoors, especially its personal immersive experience, which will not disturb your family’s sleep when watching movies and playing games late at night. The design of the product is considerate enough, it is very convenient to plug and play, and because the eyes are equipped with sensors, when the user takes off the glasses, the screen of the glasses will stop displaying for a while, saving power for the connected device .

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