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Smart garden tools at Tink: The top deals of the campaign

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Smart garden tools at Tink: The top deals of the campaign

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Staying in a well-kept garden is more fun than in a neglected one.

But garden maintenance involves a lot of work: it has to be mowed, watered and the necessary safety ensured.

Smart gardening tools can help – for example, the Bosch Indego M+ 700 robot lawn mower with a free garage* or a set of two Abus surveillance cameras* are available at a reduced price during the Tink discount campaign.

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Even if the weather isn’t quite playing along – spring is here and the gardening season has begun. You will enjoy your time outside all the more in a well-kept garden. But that requires a lot of work: the lawn has to be mowed, plants have to be watered and so that you feel completely comfortable, the right atmosphere and sufficient security should also be provided. It’s a good thing that smart home products are no longer just for indoor use. There are now numerous smart garden tools for outside. And thanks to a discount campaign at Tink* you can currently save a lot of money when buying. You can find out what the top deals are below.

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Bosch Indego M+ 700: robotic lawnmower with free garage

A robotic lawnmower like the Bosch Indego M+ 700 can help you with mowing the lawn. This is available from Tink including garage for 899.95 euros.* If you were to buy both parts separately, the price would be around 1,000.00 euros, so this offer is definitely worth it in terms of price. The small garden helper creates areas of up to 700 square meters and ensures a healthy lawn. The smart garden tool can be controlled via app or voice, and the garage also provides protection from the weather.

  • Precise, systematic mowing
  • Considers environmental conditions and grass growth
  • With anti-theft protection (PIN code)
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Eve Aqua (2022): Irrigation computer with free WiFi socket

Your plants need regular watering to stay green and juicy. A smart irrigation control system can help here. Eve Aqua turns your outdoor tap into a smart water source. Irrigation can be set manually via iPhone, Siri or directly on the device, or automatically via a schedule. During the garden event at Tink there are Irrigation timer including Eve Energy socket for 149.95 euros.* You save over 20 percent compared to buying them individually.

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Abus WLAN pan-tilt outdoor camera in a set of two

So that you feel completely comfortable in your garden, you should also ensure sufficient security – especially if you have some smart gardening tools in use. Surveillance cameras such as the Abus WLAN pan-tilt outdoor camera are ideal – in a double pack it costs just 329.95 euros at Tink.* The price for a single camera is currently around 200.00 euros, so this is an absolute top deal.

  • Effective all-round surveillance and sharp images day and night
  • Distinguishes between people, animals and vehicles
  • Protected privacy thanks to zone setting

During the garden campaign at Tink, numerous other smart home products will also be available at reduced prices. For example, you provide with one Set of three Philips Hue Spots including outdoor sensor for a total of 269.95 euros* for great lighting in the garden. You can get the price by entering the coupon code “HUE10” at checkout. With the code “BOSCH20” you get that again Fire protection starter set from Bosch Smart Home including three smoke alarm devices for 259.95 euros* and thus ensures sufficient security in your gazebo.

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