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Xiaomi Smart Blender buy cheap from 104€ (04/2023)

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Xiaomi Smart Blender buy cheap from 104€ (04/2023)

All colleagues were really excited about it Xiaomi Smart Blender (Mixer) to try. So we did that, made a delicious smoothie and a creamy pumpkin soup for lunch. Let’s put it that way, everyone liked it, the test was a complete success.

For 104 € on offer, you can get the smart blender on Amazon.de.

Anyone who enjoys drinking smoothies simply needs a good blender. The Xiaomi Smart Blender, which can even heat, we take a close look at it for you. The stand mixer comes at a price starting from 104,00€ on Amazon.de to have.

Technical data at a glance

Xiaoami Smart Blender
mixing performance 1.000 W
Max capacity for cold drinks 1.600 ml
Max capacity for hot drinks 1.200 ml
Dimensions 18,8 x 22.2 x 43,6 cm
Connection WLAN

First, general information about the Xiaomi Smart Blender

Mixer mit OLED-Display

The blender is 43cm high and consists mainly of white plastic and is equipped with a OLED-Display and two buttons fitted. On the right you will find the “cancel” button and on the left the “schedule” button.

The Display itself is not just a display, rather also a rotary switch, to select the different modes. So you can set the speed in manual mode.

Xiaomi Smart Blender mit OLED-Display

What makes borosilicate glass so special?

The mixing bowl consists largely of Borosilicate glass. But what makes this so special?

Borosilicate glass, also known as borosilicate glass, or borosilicate glass is a very chemical and temperature-resistant glass that is used primarily for glassware in the laboratory, in the home and often also for glass drinking bottles.

Xiaomi Smart Blender Borosilikatglas


  1. Extremely heat resistant: normal glass would shatter under the influence of heat, this is not the case here because it has a very high melting point. It only becomes critical from a working temperature of 515 degrees Celsius, which does not occur in a normal household.
  2. Light and yet stable: but not indestructible either, it is very robust, but of course it can still break from a great height
  3. Chemical Free: Borosilicate glass is not only immune to extreme temperatures or light impacts, chemicals usually don’t stand a chance either and are efficiently repelled. The reason for this is the high boron content of the glasses.

    Whether neutral and acidic solutions, strong acids or bromine, iodine and chlorine – borosilicate glass is resistant to even the worst chemicals. Only phosphoric acid, hydrofluoric acid and strong bases can harm the glass.

  4. Tasteless and odorless: It does not contain any chemicals or harmful substances and is also tasteless and does not absorb any smells, tastes or discolorations.
  5. Consistent: Once melted, borosilicate glass is fully recyclable and reusable.
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Xiaomi Smart Blender lid sealed very well

In addition, the vessel has 4 glass inlets, which should ensure more even mixing. If the mixing bowl is not used correctly, the device notices this immediately and cannot be switched on. Even if the lid is opened, it automatically cancels the process. So you can be sure that you won’t suddenly swamp the whole kitchen. 😂 The Lid is really very well sealedthat nothing really goes wrong when mixing.

And if you have forgotten an ingredient, you can simply add it through the opening in the lid.

Xiaomi Smart Blender

8 stainless steel blades

Most blenders have 3 or sometimes 6 blades, the Smart Blender has the same 8 stainless steel bladesin the 3 layers are divided in order to catch everything. In the upper layer sit two bladen to crush large pieces in which middle layer can be found for small pieces 4 blades before and in the bottom layer are still located 2, one whirling up pieces that are on the floor so that they can also be mixed.

IMG 20221019 090047 1 Xiaomi Smart Blender 8 Edelstahlklingen

The mixer is equipped with a Hall sensor that can automatically adjust the power. There is 9 speed levelswhich can even make crushed ice.

Also prepare soups by heat

The blender has one integrated induction plate, This makes it possible to heat up warm drinks or soups. For cooking you should use your pot or something similar, it’s not made for that. We will also test this extensively later.

How was that with the Smart?

As we are already used to from Xiaomi, this mixer is also smart and can be used in the Xiaomi Home-App to get integrated. Here it is possible Time schedule to create, to start the mixing process on the go or to the recipe world (still very small) access. Of course, you still have to make your own preparations for this. Because without ingredients, the whole thing is nothing. For example, you can choose the desired ingredients for a “Bound soup throw it in and time it so it’s ready for lunch.

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Xiaomi Smart Blender Xiaomi Home App with a small recipe world Xiaomi Smart Blender recipes can also be easily started via the app

Cleaning the Xiaomi Smart Blender

Before you clean the mixing bowl, you should of course let it cool down if you have previously prepared warm drinks. Then you rinse it out roughly, fill it with fresh water and use it cleaning setting. So he swirls the water neatly through the mixer to clean all corners. Otherwise, there is also a cleaning brush included in the scope of delivery. Unfortunately, it doesn’t say anywhere whether you can put the container in the dishwasher.

The test – smoothie and soup

First there is a smoothie

Perfect for our start in the office. Before you start, you need ingredients. We used some apples, melon, mint, lemon and cucumber here.

Xiaomi Smart Blender Prepare the ingredients, here fruit and vegetables Xiaomi Smart Blender all the ingredients in the blender

Then I started the mixer directly from the app and was really surprised. It works really well and the result could be seen and tasted. Unlike other mixers, you don’t have to hold down the button or watch when you stop mixing. He does that on his own.

Xiaomi Smart Blender mixing a smoothie Xiaomi Smart Blender mixing a smoothie

Xiaomi Smart Blender fertige Smoothies

The colleagues also liked it. 😋

2022 10 19 09 48 23 Window 2022 10 19 09 37 28 Window

2022 10 19 09 38 34 Window

After that, the mixing bowl has to be cleaned, of course, because afterwards there should be soup. So water in and the cleaning started.

Xiaomi Smart Blender cleaning program

You have to say that you should rinse it out again afterwards and the lid doesn’t get clean either and you have to do it yourself. I don’t find it bad myself, I own a WMF blender at home, it’s similar.

Almost every blender can do smoothies like this, which interests us a lot, does that work with the soup? I chose a recipe for this directly in the Xiaomi Home app, which we are trying out.

A hopefully delicious pumpkin soup

So again prepare all the ingredients, in this case we take a pumpkin, tomato, onion, butter and a little salt.

Xiaomi Smart Blender preparation for the pumpkin soup

Snip, snip and straight into the blender, here you have to make sure that we don’t fill the blender up quite as much as with a smoothie, there’s a measuring mark for that.

Xiaomi Smart Blender

This time I take the opportunity to prep everything and set a timer for when she should be ready. And it starts the way I wanted it to. Then we’ll wait 38 min. and see if everything is done. It is recommended to peel the pumpkin, I left it on purpose now.

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Xiaomi Smart Blender with ingredients list in app Xiaomi Smart Blender with Timer

After ca. We are 25 minit automatically starts to mix step by step again and again.

Xiaomi Smart Blender Xiaomi Smart Blender made the soup very creamy

After seasoning add a little more seasoning and stir again. The result is greatnice and creamy, not too watery and above all warm or hot. Taste is of course a personal preference. Next time we’ll add a little carrot and ginger, we’ve made up our minds that it will be a permanent fixture in our office kitchen.

Xiaomi Smart Blender Pumpkin Cream Soup with Wiener Pieces and Cayen Pepper

We then added a little cayenne pepper and Viennese to the soup as a side dish. By the way we have 3 large plates got out, looked really less at the beginning, that surprised me.

Xiaomi Smart Blender Pumpkin Cream Soup, Marcey liked it too Xiaomi Smart Blender Pumpkin Cream Soup, Kathleen and Ronny loved it

And don’t they look happy? In any case, they “say” they liked it.

Conclusion – Buy Xiaomi Smart Blender? Do you need a new blender?

I used to have a standard WMF blender at home. And so far I have not had any contact with a blender that can also cook and heat.

Who likes smoothies and soups like, should really take a look at the Xiaomi Smart Blender. It’s really been a long time since I had such a creamy soup, which is because I use a hand blender at home. And the smoothies were really good too.

The big advantage is simply that you can throw in all the ingredients, the program in the App with time setting can choose. So it’s ready, when you go to lunch or early in the morning, you have the finished smoothie right after getting up. I find it practical, I enjoyed being able to continue working without having to constantly look or press.

Of course, it is also possible without an app to use the various programs via the OLED-Display to select.

You should only be careful when pouring out the soup, as the glass is of course hot, so be careful. Otherwise, the vessel will keep your soup warm for another 4 hours.

Of course I made myself a little smart and if you think about it that Price-performance ratio looks, the Xiaomi is really on a good way. I would put it in my kitchen.

How do you prepare your soups or smoothies? Ever thought about getting something like this? Please leave feedback.

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