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Al Aqsa, another night of violence in the mosque. Israeli police fire bullets and grenades at Muslim worshippers

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Al Aqsa, another night of violence in the mosque.  Israeli police fire bullets and grenades at Muslim worshippers

Bullets made of rubber, granate e tear gas to disperse i faithful Muslims. More violence by the Israeli police, who raided the mosque again Al-Aqsaon a particularly symbolic night in which the HeavyPassover, and in the middle of the month of Ramadan. The day before, almost 400 people were arrested by Israeli security forces in an operation that also resulted wounded and which was condemned, among others, by the Secretary General of the United Nations, Anthony Guterres.

Rocket launches from Gaza – And after the second round of clashes that took place on the Esplanade of the Mosques7 rockets were fired early this morning from Gaza, the Israeli military reported. Two of them were directed to the mare and 5 in the direction of Israeli areas close to the Strip where the alarm sirens had sounded shortly before. All of them – according to the same source – exploded in the air. The launch – who followed that of 2 others last night from Strip – it happened. Accidents also occurred in the north of Israel ad Umm el Fahempredominantly Arab town.

The Palestinian Red Crescent Of Jerusalem he indicated that he was at work in the vicinity of the site and had already received at least six wounded, according to reports by the Wafa news agency. Soon after, Nabil Abu Rudeinespokesman for the President of the Palestinian Authority, Mahmoud Abbashe assured that “the Israeli occupation insists on continuing to desecrate the blessed Al Aqsa mosque and to create an atmosphere of escalation, instability and tension”.

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“What Israel is doing in terms of storming the holy mosque of Al-Aqsa e you attacks ai faithful is a blow to the efforts of the States United who have tried, in the last period, to create a state of calm and stability in the month of Ramadan“said second He died. Specifically, the spokesman was referring to the summits held both in the Egyptian city of Sharm El Sheikh that ad Aqabawhere the parties have agreed on a number of measures to reduce violence in the region. For its part, the Ministry of Foreign giordano stated that “i continue attacks” of the Israeli security forces against the faithful they are part of “attempts to change the historical ‘status quo’ in the sacred mosque of Al Aqsa”.

Ministry spokesman, Sinan Magazinestressed Wednesday that Israel “it’s full responsibility of the serious consequences of the continuous escalation, which aggravates the situation and threatens to blow up the spiral of violence“, according to the news agency Petra. Throughout the day they were held manifestations e protests against Israeli security forces in different parts of the West Bank and of Gaza Strip to protest the invasion of Police in the mosque, considered a sacred place by Muslims.

The first night of violence – The Israeli police entered the mosque the day before after assuring that the masked youths barricaded themselves inside the building and launched smoke bombs, clubs and stones, refusing to leave the premises. Subsequently, in the early hours of the morning, the militias of the Movement of Islamic resistance (Hamas) they fired several rockets from Gaza Strip into Israeli territory “in response to the assault on the mosque and the attack on the faithful by the occupation forces”. Subsequently, the Israeli military carried out several air strikes in the Strip in retaliation.

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