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John Cleese harshly against Eric Idle: – We have always hated each other

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John Cleese harshly against Eric Idle: – We have always hated each other

Idle – who claims he has to work for a living – last weekend lashed out at Python manager Holly Gilliam, who is also the daughter of Terry Gilliam. He wrote on X:

– We own everything we ever did in Pythons, and I would never have dreamed that at my age I would see the income stream dwindle so catastrophically. But I guess if you put a child of Gilliam to be the manager you shouldn’t be surprised. One Gilliam is bad enough, two can sink any company.

Now Eric Idle gets an answer so it sings from John Cleese, according to Variety. At X, Cleese described how he had worked with Holly Gilliam for the past ten years, finding her “very efficient, clear-headed, hard-working and pleasant to work with”.

– Michael Palin has asked me to make it clear that he shares this opinion. Terry Gilliam also agrees, Cleese claimed. He also offered a characterization of Eric Idle that was so crass that some of his followers wondered if it was a joke:

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– We have always loathed and despised each other, but it is only recently that the truth has begun to emerge.

John Cleese cleared up everything he has going forward as several of his followers have worried about his finances as well. These include stage productions of “Hotel in a special class”, which will soon premiere in London, “Life of Brian”, “Wanda”, three tours and a number of other projects.

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In the tweet he added, clearly addressing Idle: “By the way, Camilla Cleese is involved in seven of these”.

Camilla Cleese is his daughter, who is also a comedian and has, among other things, made guest appearances on her father’s show.

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