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Justin Bieber: The megastar turns 30

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Justin Bieber: The megastar turns 30

For a long time it seemed as if former child star Justin Bieber wasn’t heading for a good ending. On his 30th birthday today, it looks like his mother no longer has to worry.

In the clip: Justin Bieber celebrates his 30th birthday

From all Child star careers Justin Bieber’s particularly stands out. In contrast to his comrades in fate, he was not hired by a major label or film studio right from the start spotlight pushed, but started his career independently from his home Living room sofa out of. Before the Canadian choir boy from the province of Ontario even set foot in one Record studio had set, he was already a big one Internet-Star.

The singing boy wonder from the internet

The reason for this was amateur videos made by his mother Patricia Mallette (48) from 2007 onwards from her unmistakable musically talented son uploaded to the then new video portal YouTube. In the shaky clips, the boy belted along brighter than a bell Agree on the sofa or at local talent competitions Cover versions of his favorite artists – and was so cute to look at that he quickly gained a considerable following, mostly female Fans formed.

Than the number of views of this Heimvideos reached six-figure heights in 2008 US Music Manager Scooter Brown (42) on the Boy wonders from the Canadian province of Ontario. Excited about the voice and that Charisma The then 14-year-old Braun spontaneously contacted Justin’s surprised mother and invited her son over Test shots to Atlanta. From then on it went with that Career of the talented Teenagers meteorically upwards.

Lightning career with Usher’s support

Braun’s producer colleague Usher (45) took Bieber under his influential wing and got him a record deal with the Islands Records label. Shortly after the publication With an EP entitled “My World” in November 2009, the boy with the funny name had already grown into such a phenomenon that he was allowed to sing Christmas carols to Barack and Michelle Obama in the White House. With his debut album “My World 2.0″ he immediately stormed to number one on the American Billboard charts in March 2010 and finally brought a global one Bieber-Hype started rolling, which was impressively reflected not least in the hairstyle fashion of that time. His concert film came out in 2011 “Never Say Never” in cinemas, which only last year from Taylor Swift: The Eras” as the most successful Concert film of all time has been replaced.

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The first phase of Bieber’s legendary career took place during this time On-off relationship with the singer and actress Selena Gomez (31), which lasted until 2018. Especially in the beginning, the cute couple was considered the epitome of American Teenage-Dream and attracted maximum media attention. After the first preliminary Relationship end At the end of 2012, the now 18-year-old hardly missed an opportunity to say goodbye to his role as a scandal-free model pop star.

Bad Boy Bieber

In January 2013, pictures appeared on the Internet for the first time that clearly showed him consuming Marihuana showed. During his extensive “Believe” tour, which spanned the entire year, he tore up hotel rooms and was arrested several times Visiting brothels spotted. In the following year, Bieber had a lot of fun and was arrested several times for dangerous driving Mayhem arrested and charged vandalism found guilty after throwing eggs at his neighbor’s house in California. At a Raid were in his villa Drugs confiscated and some of his buddies present were imprisoned.

In one emotional Instagram-Post looked the former Child star In 2019, he looked back on this phase of his life with horror. There he summed up: “At 20 I have every bad one Decision I’ve met everyone you can imagine, and I went from being one of the most loved and admired people to the most reviled, condemned and hated person in the world. I started doing pretty hard drugs when I was 19 and have all of mine Relationships abused. I became resentful and disrespectful towards women and angry. I distanced myself from everyone who loved me and hid behind the shell of the person I had become.”

Restart after marriage to Hailey

It should be a different direction Life only take after he – after a last Relationship crash with Selena Gomez – married the model Hailey Baldwin (27) in October 2018 and drastically reduced his party activities. Bieber also took things a little easier musically – between 2015 and 2020 he didn’t release a single regular studio album. In order to supplement his pocket money, he sold in January 2023 for 200 million dollars the music rights to his entire song catalog to an investment fund.

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“Jesus found me in the dirt and pulled me out”

In addition to its amazingly solid Before with the actor’s daughter Stephen Baldwin (57) has that Singer declared to be his newly discovered one too Believe paved the way to the right path. In an interview a few years ago he confessed: “I only survived because God is merciful. Jesus found myself in the dirt and pulled myself out.” He also regularly discusses the strength he derives from his life on his Instagram channel Believe creates, posts Prayers or reports on performances in churches. One of the most striking of his now around 60 tattoos is the lettering “Son of god” which is emblazoned legibly in huge letters on his toned front.

It seems that the mother has to come to her senses Megastars no longer have to seriously worry about him on his 30th birthday. The boy is from the Grossest out.

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