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PinkPantheress, review of Heaven Knows (2023)

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PinkPantheress, review of Heaven Knows (2023)

Fame exploded in his face PinkPantheress too soon and at an uncontrollable speed. That “Boy’s a liar Pt. 2” along with Ice Spice was unstoppable and took on the world, leading all the lists that you can think of. Even so, the artist had already generated her own movements and built a great hype with that “to hell with it”, her first mixtape that she released in 2021, with which she managed to generate a very loyal fan base that fully trusted her as a creator beyond the numbers. Therefore, after all this emotional and professional tornado, she had to sit down and make more weighty decisions, select the steps to follow that have ended up giving life to the powerful “Heaven Knows”their first LP.

The music of PinkPantheress It is full of sensitivity, pessimism and all the fears of a generation that are reflected in its dark creative universe. The artist herself stopped the release of this album several times until she was sure that she had in her hands what she wanted to deliver to end that heavy title of TikTok star that was so drowning her. So “Heaven Knows” It survives as an album of pain, progress, anguish and bewilderment. A project with the idea of ​​death in the head all the time that, despite its essence upbeat, in reality opens giving way to a sea of ​​tears that contaminates even its luxury guests. Even so, it is not a victimizing album at all, it is more an exhibition of emotional transparency from an artist who has felt swallowed by time when her creative interest goes much further. than she is recognized for.

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A story that sometimes disguises heartbreak without fully defining the issuer that generates so much pain. And other times, he analyzes himself to understand what future awaits him and search in his present for all those answers, that never come, to questions that seem eternal. As a symbol of all this appears “Ophelia” on the album (we all already know the story of this mythical character) in a more organic theme than usual, with water as a symbol of cleanliness to achieve peace, which this time also moves to the background and hides the drum ‘n ‘bass along with a beautiful string support. In this way, it gives value to an intimacy that makes great “Heaven Knows” and that is repeated on numerous occasions or is enhanced by Kelela’s visit in “Bury Me” where he plays his usual cards in a raw and accurate way.

The presentation album PinkPantheress It is full of nuances to overanalyze without cutting yourself off. He has known how to define his sound 100% in a precious way, but at the same time he has explored lines of growth that emerge since the opening of the album with the fantastic “Another Life”. A theme that feeds on jungle beats and that is born with an initial organ that disorients and seduces from the first listen. A song where it also jumps in a big way, adding guitars and diverting the point of interest to the synths, as everyone was waiting for it to happen. A feeling of searching that reoccurs when when PinkPantheress is approaching the ninetieth rnb in “Feel complete” reaching the warmest way to narrate all that frustration that fame has generated in him and that we mentioned from the beginning (“Money came today, and so you’ll get what you want I wish that it would end when it stopped bein’ fun “He’s not feeling well”, that’s what I tell everyone”).

To achieve that sound that is already its own and familiar that we named, PinkPantheress It has mainly drawn on two great collaborations. On the one hand, Greg Kurstin (Adele, Kendrick Lamar, Sia and on the other the eternal king of the “modern” Mura Masa. There is a very clear intention on the part of the artist to humanize each piece of this project, to fill the beats with a strong and restorative energy with elements that build a much more plastic and organic electronics. Hence, references to rain, bird sounds, human applause, homemade sounds, car controls… And all this pushed with luxury personalities. where the most beautiful thing is to see how they adapt to the universe of one’s own PinkPantheress beyond his own identity. How, for example, Central Cee builds much more serious bars, almost apologizing, that move away from the aggressiveness and power to which we are accustomed.

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PinkPantheress He thus signs an obsessive, pathological and perfectionist debut. A project full of anxiety, softened by her sweet voice, which exposes the sensation of feeling mistreated by the world all the time. However, at the same time, it is an album full of truth and authenticity. A true story, critical of the protagonist and aspirational artist herself if we speak from a professional point of view. A young album, but at the same time with overwhelming creative maturity. A door towards consolidation opened by one of the artists with the greatest projection in the UK in recent years. A message that not everything is painting a theme with ‘two-mile’ tones to enter the market. The most important thing is to plant that root on which everything will grow and make sense in a couple more years.

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