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Seiko x pokemon – Mondo Japan

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Seiko x pokemon – Mondo Japan

SEIKO X Pokémon

On August 6, 2021, a very exclusive collection of limited edition watches was launched on the market, born from the collaboration of the brands The Pokémon Company e Seiko.

For those who don’t know her, Seiko is a Japanese company that produces and markets wristwatches (including luxury watches) and is the first among the major Japanese wristwatch manufacturers.

The Serie Pokémon Of Seikois not just a watch collection, but a real time jump to childhood times.

The three models are dedicated to the three Kanto starters: Bulbasaur, Charmander e Squirtle.

They are made of stainless steel and sapphire crystal and feature numerous details related to the characteristics of the Pokémon depicted.

For each of these three models only were produced 700 specimens.

Each watch is enclosed in a box depicting the Poké ball, almost as if to simulate the beginning of the video game, in which the protagonist had to choose between the three Pokéballs containing Bulbasaur, Charmander and Squirtle positioned on the table at the Interior of Professor Oak’s laboratory.

The dial of each of the three models shows the color of the chosen creature. Each of the four cardinal points of the watch has some special detail.

At 3 o’clock, as per tradition, there is the calendar, while at 9 o’clock we have a Pokéball that rotates with the passing of the seconds, simulating the undulating movement when catching the Pokémon.

At 12 o’clock the first evolutionary stage of the protagonist Pokémon is depicted and at 6 o’clock we find its second evolutionary stage.

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The real gem is shown on the back of the watch case, where we find the final evolutionary stage engraved in all its power, accompanied by the serial number of the watch.

Seiko x Pokémon : Venusaur

In the model dedicated to Bulbasaur the predominant color is the verde, to recall the “grass type”.

The 12 golden indexes are decorated with floral motifs while the bezel, also golden, bears the motif of the “whip” which is a distinctive trait of this Pokémon.

In the two sub-dials are depicted Bulbasaur (in the upper one) e Ivysaur (in the lower one).

While on the back of the case we find engraved Venusaur.

Seiko x Pokémon : Charizard

In the model dedicated to Charmander the predominant color is rosso, which recalls the “fire type”.

The dial dynamically expresses one of Charizard’s moves, the “whirlwind of fire”. The index adopts a shape that reproduces the characteristic sharp edges of the Pokémon’s claws and the bezel also creates a burning flame, completing the image shown on the dial.

Charmander (upper) and Charmeleon (lower) are depicted on the two sub-dials.

While on the back of the case we find Charizard engraved.

Seiko x Pokémon : Blastoise

In the model dedicated to Squirtle the predominant color is the blu, to recall the “water type”.

The dial expresses Blasroise’s most famous move “hydropump” through a printed motif.

The index takes the shape of a drop of water and the bezel features a pattern that recalls the Pokémon’s shell.

Squirtle (upper) and Wartortle (lower) are depicted in the two sub-dials.

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While on the back of the case we find Blastoise engraved.

Each watch in the series Seiko x Pokémon it is equipped with solar battery, alarm and stopwatch.

The sale price at the time of launch on the site Seiko Japan was about 400 euro.

Currently the specimens are on sale for over a thousand euros each, obviously the price can vary, even significantly, based on the serial number of the watch, as they were produced in limited editions.

Needless to say, the most coveted numbers are 001/700 and 700/700.

And are you among the lucky ones who managed to grab one of these wonders?

Until next time

Laura Villa

(IG: @la_casa_di_Pikachu)

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