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The real goal of the G7: to annihilate Russia and warn China. Other than peace in Ukraine

by admin
The real goal of the G7: to annihilate Russia and warn China.  Other than peace in Ukraine

by Stefano Briganti

Il G7 it ended with an official statement that makes us better understand what we can expect in the future. It is to be read with in mind two key statements made by the leaders of the warring powers. Let’s start with Biden’s March 3, 2022 at Lockheed Martin: “There is an ongoing battle in the world between autocracy e democracy… and democracy will prevail”. This well defines the US bellicose goals towards the Russia. Russian autocracy must be beaten through wars for Ukraine. There are two wars: the very expensive one in the field, in which thousands of people die, and the economic one with its sanctions to Russia.

The second declaration is the one made by Putin on February 21 to the Nation, where he stated that the war is now against the West and has become existential because the existence of the Federation will depend on its outcome.

Then there are the “10 points of Zelensky for a just peace”, non-negotiable, that the “Western Alliance” he made his own. Finally there is the Chinese document of February 22, rejected by the “Western Alliance”, with 12 points for the achievement of a truce and a long-term “peace”.

Let’s go back to the press release and to the section “G7 Leaders Statement on Ukraine”. In point 2 we read: ”…we demand that Russia withdraw completely e unconditional its troops and armaments from internationally recognized Ukrainian soil… This is a prerequisite for any call for peace.” A retreat that is one resawithout setting conditions and before starting to negotiate.

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Point 7 reads: “..we remain united in imposing sanctions and economic actions to undermine Russia’s capability…”. The sanctions will remain, and as Borrell and Biden tell us, they need a lot of time to undermine them irreversible the Russian economy. This is one of Kiev’s points, while China calls for economic warfare have an end with the end of the war on the ground.

In point 8: “We will continue efforts to ensure that Russia pays the reconstruction long term of Ukraine… Russia’s assets will remain frozen until all damages caused are paid for.” Not even this point is present in China’s proposal which refers it to negotiation. Point 9 says that Russia will have to be processed for war crimes.

In summary: what was declared by the G7 means that Russia, not being able to negotiate, should accept after the withdrawal:

1) that the economic sanctions remain in force “sine die” letting the West you poison the Russian economy and ultimately control it.

2) to pay a bill, which will be quantified by the “Western Allies”, without being able to dispose of sovereign funds e private which remain frozen.

3) to plead guilty to war crimes and to go to trial.

4) to leave the pro-Russian populations of the Donbass and of Crimea unarmed and at the mercy of the revenges of hyper-armed Ukrainians.

Thus one can understand why the G7 communiqué is inadmissible from Moscow and how far away it is from resolving the conflict. It is also understandable why the Chinese proposal is rejected by the whole West. It would not allow you to reach the level of annihilation economic and moral of the vanquished, which Biden wants to crown the victory of democracy over autarchy (Biden: “Reducing Russia economically and strategically to an international pariah”).

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In short, it is understandable that the goal of the G7 is not so much the just liberation of Ukraine, as annihilating Russia and warning China. Thus we understand the concept of “existential war” of Putin and the weight of the statement of Lavrovwho repeats: “…use any means…” in order not to accept an unconditional surrender and the consequent effects on the security of the Russian Federation and on its very existence.

Ad Hiroshima the willingness of the Greats of the earth to risk new Hiroshimas in order to achieve Biden’s objectives has been confirmed.

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