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because Italy better wait to toast

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because Italy better wait to toast

But then the resources or to put it more down to earth, the money is there. In front of record budget approved by the board of directors Stellar a question arises spontaneously: the CEO of the Franco-Italian automotive group Carlos Tavares, in relations with the Italian government “is there or is there”? . In the sense that until yesterday in manager, at every meeting with the Minister Bear (who put him in front of him dismantling of the group’s factories in Italy), has always appealed to market difficulties.

More: Tavares’ counterattack on the fact that the car production in Italy has dropped in a few years since 1.2 million to 500 thousand cars per year, was linked to the fact that the executive, in his opinion, did not have the necessary sensitivity towards the sector. Simply put: the incentives for the green they would be insufficient. However, this fact is contradicted by the facts, given that the new bonuses mostly concern electric cars. With even a final threat: “It’s a question of life or death – said Tavares no later than ten days ago – either you give us more, or the entire Italian automotive sector is at risk”.


Well today we discover a final balance with net revenues at 189.5 billion of euros, in 6% growth compared to 2022. a net profit up 11% a 18.6 billion euros, and adjusted operating profit up 1% to 24.3 billion euros, with a revenue margin of 12.8%. Then The sales of vehicles increased by 31% overall, 27% when talking about low-emission vehicles and 21% for electric ones. Numbers higher than expected, reeled off by Tavares with a cheek (at least towards the government, workers and Italian families) worthy of the best Elon Musk.

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We are waiting to toast

For goodness sake, we don’t want to be misunderstood. We join in the celebrations for the results achieved. Also because at the same time as the budget data a performance bonus was announced for Italian employees equal to 7.2% of the salary, which corresponds on average to 1812 euros gross, to which will be added the extraordinary recognition of 300 euros gross, which will lead to a overall disbursement equal to 8.5%.

It is true that the employee bonus is the positive result of the agreement signed last year with the unions who then had to swallow other sacrifices, but in the meantime the money is arriving and in this difficult period it is a godsend for many families. Then the CEO of the group, as part of the presentation of the numbers, reiterated that there is a commitment to “return to producing one million cars a year in Italy by 2030”

Having said this, however, allow us to wait to toast

Because, despite the promises, the plan does not hold up. And Tavares’ reassurances do not dispel the concern about the situation of the group’s factories in our country in the slightest. Fears about a reduction in production and jobs remain unchanged. At stake is the future of Mirafiori (which has already lost half of its jobs), of Pomigliano, of Melfi, the construction times of the Termoli gigafactory, the fate of the other production sites and of the thousands of small companies in the area. ‘induced. And the Italy project doesn’t seem to be holding up after what has been seen in recent months migrate the production of the best-selling Fiat vehicles abroad, namely the 500 and the Panda.

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And we witnessed the almost disappearance of Maserati. All with the commitment to implement the Stla Medium platform in our country for cars with higher engine capacity (but less sold than small ones) and above all electric ones. The same goes for investments in recent months which have gone from France to Poland, from Serbia to Hungary, up to Morocco. But when it came to our country, the only “electrical study hub” in Turin was presented to us with great fanfare which, beyond the high-sounding words, translates into the hiring of a few dozen technicians and engineers.

The King is naked

The good news is that now the numbers speak clearly. The King is naked. Tavares can no longer hide behind financial and market difficulties to snub Italy and threaten the government. Precisely the confrontation between Stellantis and the executive will be at the center of the national assembly of Fim delegates of the automotive group which will take place tomorrow (Friday 16 February) in the CISL regional headquarters in Turin.

“In this phase of great uncertainty for the Turin plant – explains Fim-Cisl Turin – we have decided to bring together our base to address not only the issue of the Mirafiori factory, but also to talk about prospects and proposals to be implemented in view of the control room which should meet shortly in the Municipality, in the presence of Mayor Lo Russo and the main institutional, economic and social subjects of the city”.

In Turin the situation is on red alert. In 2014 there were over 19 thousand workers in Mirafiori, in 2022 less than 12 thousand. At body shops alone, they have more than halved, from 5,300 to the current 2,200. Another seven weeks of rotating layoffs began last Monday, until March 31, the day on which production of the Maserati Levante will stop. These are the numbers of the Piedmontese capital. Same music in Pomigliano and Melfi. The rest, unfortunately, are good intentions.

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