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CRRC Changke Boosts Rail Transit Industry with New Products and Technological Innovation

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CRRC Changchun Railway Vehicle Co., Ltd., a leading company in the field of rail transit equipment in China, has recently launched the Fuxing Asian Games Smart EMU. The train, adorned in the main image color of the Hangzhou Asian Games “Rainbow Purple,” is designed with the theme of “moisturizing the south of the Yangtze River” both inside and out. The Fuxing Asian Games Smart EMU will serve as the “through train” during the Hangzhou Asian Games, connecting the host city with other Asian Games co-host cities.

CRRC Changchun Railway Vehicle Co., Ltd., also known as CRRC Changke, is responsible for producing about 40% of the high-speed trains running across China. The company has been focusing on launching new products, strengthening technology research and development, expanding the market, and solidifying its leading position in the rail transit equipment manufacturing industry.

The Fuxing Asian Games Smart EMU boasts several technological innovations. It features automatic adjustment of air pressure and temperature within the train, as well as full coverage of 5G+WiFi network. Some cars even have intelligent interactive terminals, providing convenience for Olympic athletes and special passengers. Additionally, the train’s bionic design significantly reduces air resistance, leading to a 10% energy consumption reduction. With its lightweight car body and overall energy-saving technology, a single train can save approximately 1.8 million kWh of electricity annually.

In addition to the Fuxing Asian Games Smart EMU, CRRC Changke has also launched other new products. One notable example is the interconnected dual-stream urban train, released in Qingdao on April 27. This train aims to bridge the gap between different power supply systems, allowing subways and urban railway trains to run across lines. Furthermore, CRRC Changke developed China’s first multi-adaptive medium-capacity monorail system vehicle, equipped with automatic driving technology. This vehicle can accommodate between 5,000 and 20,000 people per hour and is suitable for various application scenarios. Alongside the vehicle, CRRC Changke also developed a hardware system that includes innovative technologies such as long-span stress-free continuous track girder bridges, lightweight fabricated piers, and small-scale integrated stations, all of which exhibit low life cycle costs and multi-adaptability.

CRRC Changke’s commitment to research and development has resulted in breakthroughs in maglev rail transit technology. The company recently achieved suspension operation with its high-temperature superconducting electric suspension transportation system, which can reach speeds up to 600km/h. The system demonstrates strong adaptability to different railway conditions, ample space for speed enhancement, high emergency operation capability, and overall safety. CRRC Changke believes that the superconducting electric suspension transportation system will be the ideal choice for fast transportation between super-large cities and developed economic circles, contributing to optimized regional development and a comprehensive transportation network.

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To tap into international markets, CRRC Changke participated in the Brazil International Railway Equipment Exhibition earlier this year. The company presented cutting-edge products such as a new generation of unmanned subways, 100% low-floor light rail trains, and the world‘s first hydrogen-powered city-area EMUs. Additionally, CRRC Changke introduced its “smart train” full life cycle service system, showcasing advanced technology and systematic solutions to cater to different customer needs. In the domestic market, CRRC Changke has maintained a busy production rhythm, rolling off high-speed trains for projects such as the Jinan-Qingdao high-speed railway, new alpine trains, and Wuhan rail transit trains.

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