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“Denim shorts” are the summer standard for Cleanfit boys | Jeans | Shorts | Wearing_Sina Fashion_Sina.com

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“Denim shorts” are the summer standard for Cleanfit boys | Jeans | Shorts | Wearing_Sina Fashion_Sina.com

Reprinted from: 1626 trend selection

Original title: ‘Denim shorts’ is the summer standard for Cleanfit male treasures, Rocky and TS have upper bodies one after another

In the 1980s and 1990s, ‘denim shorts’ were once the favorite of rappers and skaters on the east coast. With the arrival of the Y2K wave, retro items continue to be introduced, and denim shorts have returned to the main trend in summer;

Since last year, a large number of European and American trendy cafes and Cleanfit male treasures have worn denim shorts. Brands such as Louis Vuitton and Martin Rose have launched new denim shorts one after another. This is a new trend you must understand.

  Rocky and TS link up one after another

  Denim shorts have become the new favorite of European and American fashion cafes

A$AP Rocky / ShaiA$AP Rocky / Shai

In March of this year, A$AP Rocky wore Vetements’ new dollar down jacket on the streets of New York, paired with 15 autumn and winter Supreme denim shorts + Timberland rhubarb boots, which highly restored the street style of the East Coast in the 1990s, triggering a lot of fashion media reports;

Shai, a new NBA trendy man, has recently become a bright spot again by pairing a short upper body jacket with Louis Vuitton 23 spring/summer denim shorts + Timberland.

A$AP Ferg / Travis ScottA$AP Ferg / Travis Scott

A$AP Ferg, who played a new MV for Armani White this year, wore the classic KAPITAL jewel denim shorts + western boots, full of retro atmosphere;

Travis Scott, who is preparing for a new album, recently wore Vintage Carhartt denim shorts with CPFM knee pads + the new barb Nike Mac Attack, which also attracted a lot of attention.

Justin bieber / Lil yachtyJustin bieber / Lil yachty

Including Justin bieber, Tyler, The Creator, Lil yacht and other trendy cafes have always been loyal fans of denim shorts, and they have almost become their summer lock items.

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  The summer standard for Cleanfit players

  Denim shorts N collocation formula

Since the summer of 2022 #jorts has become a hot word on Tiktok, with 330 million views so far;

Jorts is the combined word of Jean+Shorts. It was first used to describe the ugly and outdated skinny denim shorts of middle-aged men in their forties and fifties. a new interpretation.

@garrettcarswell / @lucius_firmin@garrettcarswell / @lucius_firmin
@adamdegenerate / @adrisalsi@adamdegenerate / @adrisalsi

Denim shorts + Birkenstock shoes are the most common matching formula for European and American Cleanfit players. Wearing a T-shirt, sweater or shirt on the upper body can easily create a lazy summer afternoon atmosphere.

@toothpicks /@youloverubi@toothpicks /@youloverubi
@marcvilllla/ @lazarnedkov@marcvilllla/ @lazarnedkov

In addition, Salomon XT-6, adidas Samba and other popular sneakers are also the first choice to match with denim shorts. You can choose jerseys, vests, sports vests and other items for tops, which are also very clean and neat.

@bookof_ayke / @k2sneaks@bookof_ayke / @k2sneaks
@itsnotlouise / @youloverubi@itsnotlouise / @youloverubi

In terms of style selection, the once slim denim shorts have completely retreated from the environment. Loose A-shaped denim shorts are undoubtedly the answer to the current version, including Levi’s, Lee or Carhartt and other fat Vintage denim shorts are also popular choices.

Dressing blogger @youloverubi directly cut a pair of white Vintage Carhartt jeans into a short section, showing a messy fringe effect, which has an inner taste.

  LV, GVC, Stüssy follow suit

  Denim shorts are hot

Louis Vuitton 2023 Spring-Summer Men's CollectionLouis Vuitton 2023 Spring-Summer Men’s Collection

For this wave of ‘denim shorts’ trend, some trendy fashion brands will naturally not miss it.

The Louis Vuitton 2023 spring/summer men’s wear series is Virgil Abloh’s last creative inventory. Two A-shaped ultra-wide-leg denim shorts, paired with yellow high barrel boots, mix and match East Coast street style and formal wear, which can be said to be very popular. trend.

Givenchy Spring-Summer 2023 Menswear CollectionGivenchy Spring-Summer 2023 Menswear Collection

Givenchy 2023 spring and summer men’s wear series is the first independent men’s wear show since Matthew Williams became the creative director. In addition to a large number of short jackets and overalls, the neat shape of denim shorts and boots is also the finishing touch of this season.

Martin Rose / Kenzo Spring/Summer 2023 CollectionMartin Rose / Kenzo Spring/Summer 2023 Collection

The workwear denim shorts that appeared in the Martin Rose 2023 spring and summer series, and the white water-based denim shorts that appeared in the Kenzo 2023 spring and summer series directed by NIGO, the mix and match of denim and formal styles expanded the playability of denim shorts.

Stussy Summer 2023 CollectionStussy Summer 2023 Collection

Today’s hottest street brand Stüssy, in the 2023 summer series of A-line denim shorts in primary colors, brings players a more affordable and versatile choice.

The craze for jeans has not abated at all. In the hot summer, a pair of well-cut wide-leg ‘denim shorts’ not only guarantees a sense of style, but also has a more refreshing wearing experience.

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Including Acne Studios, Diesel, Calvin Klein and other brands, there are many different denim shorts to choose from, and interested friends can keep an eye out.

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