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SWATCH X DRAGON BALL Z series is newly launched – yqqlm

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SWATCH X DRAGON BALL Z series is newly launched – yqqlm

Goku, Sharu, Frieza, Majin Buu, Gohan, Vegeta, Tortoise, and Shenlong gather to summon innovative energy with wits around their wrists

It’s time to get all anime fans on fire! The world-renowned watch brand Swiss Swatch has teamed up for the first time with the super-popular anime IP Dragon Ball Z (“Dragon Ball Z”), and launched the new SWATCH X DRAGON BALL Z series, in addition to 7 special edition Swiss Swatch watches, you can also pass Swatch X You digital canvas for personal customization and multiple ways to recreate classic characters from Dragon Ball Z. Even consumers who haven’t seen Dragon Ball Z can quickly understand this beloved anime work by fans around the world through the SWATCH X DRAGON BALL Z series, and follow Goku and his friends to defend the Earth fights with demons.

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Swiss Swatch regards the watch as the “guardian of memory”. In the SWATCH X DRAGON BALL Z series, Swatch integrates the theme of Dragon Ball Z with fresh and full colors and a playful and innovative design style. The front and back of each watch are drawn with two versions or related elements of the corresponding characters in Dragon Ball Z. The front and back of the upper strap ring are engraved with the character’s English and Japanese names respectively, while the lower strap ring is inlaid on the The Dragon Ball Z logo is the finishing touch to the theme, demonstrating Swatch’s sincere level of detail and passion for paying tribute to classic anime in this collaboration.

GOKU X SWATCH (Swiss Swatch X Dragon Ball Z Wukong)

GOKU is the core and soul character of the Dragon Ball Z series. As the last of the Saiyans, he is Earth’s most critical defender against interstellar threats. This BIG BOLD watch draws inspiration from Goku’s clothing, with bright orange and black as the main color, Goku’s name is printed on the dial, which is also the Japanese symbol on his gi, and the back of the strap is his constant “Car” – somersault cloud.

CELL X SWATCH (Swiss Swatch X Dragon Ball Z: Sharu)

CELL (Sharu) is an artificial human, created by Dr. Gro, a former scientist of the Red Ribbon Corps, whose purpose is to compete with Goku. The bright green and black used in this BIG BOLD watch is the representative color of Cell. The pink dots on the hands are the color of his eyes, the yellow crown matches his skin tone, and the black and dark orange lines on the back of the strap represent its mighty tail.

FRIEZA X SWATCH (Swiss Swatch X Dragon Ball Z Frieza)

FRIEZA is the most famous villain in Dragon Ball Z, having turned Goku into a Super Saiyan during a battle with Goku and his friends. This watch outlines two forms of Frieza. The front of the watch is white and purple, while the pink lines on the back are inspired by the villain’s skin tone, and the red dots symbolize his eyes.

MAJIN BUU X SWATCH (Swiss Swatch X Dragon Ball Z Demon Buu)

MAJIN BUU is a villain with multiple skills, such as his ability to turn opponents into cookies and drain their powers. The yellow dial of this GENT watch features a black “M” logo inspired by Majin Buu’s gold belt. The purple and pink on the bottom of the watch represent Buu’s large cape and belly.

GOHAN X SWATCH (Swiss Swatch X Gohan of Dragon Ball Z)

GOHAN (Gohan) is the son of Goku and the first hybrid of a Saiyan and a human. Born on Earth, Gohan attained Super Saiyan form at an early age. This NEW GENT watch adopts the design of turtle style energy lightning, and the words “KA-ME-HA-ME-HAAAA” (Turtle Qigong) are engraved on the glass dial. The front of the strap features a patch given to him by Gohan’s teacher, Dizi Motong, and the back references elements of his childhood clothing.

VEGETA X SWATCH (Swiss Swatch X Vegeta of Dragon Ball Z)

VEGETA (Vegeta) is the evil prince of the fallen Saiyans, but is rehabilitated after a battle with Goku. This NEW GENT watch depicts the moment Vegeta discovers that Goku’s combat power exceeds 9000 on the combat power detector, which is also his first appearance in the anime. The white dial of the watch depicts the shape of Goku, the black and white printing on the red glass represents the combat power detection glasses used by Vegeta in battle, and the back of the watch shows him in the form of a great ape.

KAMESENNIN X SWATCH (Swiss Swatch X Dragon Ball Z Turtle Immortal)

KAMESENNIN (Turtle Immortal) is a martial arts master who invented the famous Turtle Qigong. By his side, there is always a talking turtle friend. The dial design of this NEW GENT is inspired by his signature sunglasses, and the decorative elements on the back of the watch are taken from his Hawaiian flower shirt.

SHENRON X SWATCH (Swiss Swatch X Dragon Ball Z)

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SHENRON (Shenron) has magical powers. It is said that as long as you collect seven dragon balls, you can summon the dragon and let it help you realize a wish. The front of this BIG BOLD watch is inlaid with a green dragon scale pattern, and the back is the texture of the dragon’s belly. The bezel is printed with the words “Speak Your Wish” in Japanese and English, and on the striking dragon claw in the center of the dial, the seven dragon balls around it shine.

SHENRON X SWATCH NUMBERED EDITIONThis is a special watch for Dragon Ball Z manga fans.

Swatch X You’s digital canvas features vibrant colors that bring several of the main characters from Dragon Ball Z to life on the wrist.

The Swatch X Dragon Ball Z series will be released simultaneously in Swiss Swatch offline stores, Tmall and JD.com official flagship stores from August 25, 2022. It is worth mentioning that in this new product release, Swatch is also preparing a bigger surprise for Dragon Ball Z fans! From September 15, 2022, Swatch watch enthusiasts can use their creative ideas to customize their own through Swatch X You digital canvas in designated Swatch offline stores and Swiss Swatch Tmall flagship store The personalized Dragon Ball Z collection of watches pays homage to this classic and its own anime youth with a one-of-a-kind engagement. In addition to this, SHENRON X SWATCH NUMBERED EDITION and SHENRON X SWATCH will also be released on October 1, 2022.

About Swiss Swatch Swatch

Swiss Swatch is a world-renowned watch brand founded by the visionary Mr. Nicholas Hayek. It interprets the character of the wrist with the brand DNA of Swiss-made, innovative, fun and rebellious. Swatch is always on the lookout for innovation and continues to introduce surprising watch collections. Since the concept of the “second watch” was introduced in March 1983, Swatch Switzerland has sold hundreds of millions of watches. In just a few years, Swiss Swatch has risen rapidly and has become one of the most famous watch brands in the world, but it has never forgotten its original intention and unlimited creativity. Swatch Switzerland will launch monthly new products and special models every month, interpreting the brand story deeply rooted in the hearts of the people.

Swiss Swatch is favored by its Swiss-made exquisite craftsmanship, innovative ideas, creative design and positive rebellious spirit, and always strives to innovate to bring infinite surprises to fans. Since its birth, Swatch Switzerland has been closely associated with art, and has invited artists from various fields to create art on the “canvas that has attracted much attention” in the watch side, creating a “world-renowned wrist art museum”. “. The Swatch Peace Hotel Art Center in Shanghai provides artists from all over the world with a space for artistic creation through the artist residency program. Not only that, the brand is also active in the sports field, supporting various sports for a long time and owning the Swatch elite sports team, which has laid a solid foundation for the popularization of free skiing, cross-country cycling and drone racing. The Swiss Swatch Swatch Club now has hundreds of thousands of members.

About Toei Animation

Headquartered in Los Angeles, Toei Animation is responsible for managing the distribution of Toei Animation’s film and television works in North America, Latin America, South Africa, Australia and New Zealand. Its top film and television works include: “Dragon Ball” franchise series, “Sailor Moon” “, “One Piece”, “Digimon”, “Saint Seiya” and so on. Toei Animation’s Los Angeles office will handle all categories of consumer product licensing based on the characteristics of the company’s film and television releases in the region.

About Toei Animation Europe

Headquartered in Paris, Toei Animation Europe is responsible for Toei Animation’s film distribution and merchandising development in Europe, Africa and the Middle East. Among the most famous animated series include: “Space Pirate Harlock”, “Dragon Ball”, “Saint Seiya”, “Sailor Moon”, “One Piece”.

About Toei Animation Enterprise Co., Ltd.

Headquartered in Hong Kong, Toei Animation Enterprise Co., Ltd. is responsible for licensing Toei Animation’s series in Asia. Toei Animation Enterprise Co., Ltd. will handle all categories of consumer product licensing based on the characteristics of the company’s films and televisions distributed in the region.

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