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‘Bruises on Navalny’s body, he had convulsions’ – News

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‘Bruises on Navalny’s body, he had convulsions’ – News

Alexei Navalny’s body presents “bruises” that could have been caused by a containment action due to convulsions and one, in particular, is compatible with a cardiac massage given to him in an attempt to resuscitate him. This was told by an operator of the ambulance service of the Salekhard hospital, in the Russian Arctic region, who also confirmed that the body is in the morgue of that hospital, where yesterday the mother and her lawyer were denied admission. access after someone hastily informed them that the death was linked to “sudden death syndrome”. Meanwhile, from Germany, the popular newspaper Bild launches the hypothesis, without citing direct sources, that the opponent died “perhaps shortly before his possible release” as part of an “exchange of prisoners” between the USA, Russia and Germany . In short, his death would have ruined a plan that Vladimir Putin had hinted at in a recent interview with the American journalist and former face of Fox News Tucker Carlson.

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The Russian president, writes the German newspaper, wanted to get back an agent who had shot an opponent in Berlin in 2019. And “there was talk of the possibility that Putin, in exchange, would release Navalny”. Furthermore, a possible exchange of prisoners has been discussed for some time between Moscow and Washington, which is calling for the release of former marine Paul Whelan and journalist Evan Gershkovich, both held in Russian prisons on espionage charges. Bild’s thesis, yet to be confirmed, would be in contrast with the reconstruction of Navalny’s team, who yesterday openly accused the Moscow authorities of having committed “a planned murder”. While several Western leaders have directly called Putin into question, as American President Joe Biden has done again in the last few hours. The American ambassador to Russia, Lynne Tracy, joined the hundreds of Russians who laid flowers in tribute to Navalny in front of the Lubyanka, the former headquarters of the Soviet KGB and now of the FSB intelligence service. “Today we mourn the death of Alexei Navalny and other victims of political repression in Russia,” the embassy wrote on its Telegram account. Last night the British ambassador also laid flowers on the same site in memory of the deceased opponent. However, according to the NGO Ovd-Info, which provides legal assistance to prisoners, around 400 citizens were arrested during condolence demonstrations held in the last three days in over 30 Russian cities. Of these, around 130 have already been released without being charged.

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Even today, according to what ANSA found on the spot, many Muscovites lined up to leave floral tributes at the foot of the Wall of Sorrow, a monument dedicated to the victims of Soviet repression. The police limited themselves to cordoning off the square to regulate access, checking the bags and backpacks of those who wanted to approach the monument. In the absence for now of official communications on the circumstances of Navalny’s death, in the IK-3 penal colony in the Arctic district of Yamalo-Nenets, the opposition newspaper Novaya Gazeta reported the testimony of an employee of the hospital’s emergency services of Salekhard, the district capital. After confirming that the body is in the morgue of that hospital, the source spoke of “bruises”, without however necessarily linking them to possible acts of violence. “Such bruises – said the operator – appear following convulsions. The person is shaken by convulsions, they try to contain it, and so the signs appear.” The source then spoke in particular about a bruise on his chest: “It’s something – he said – that appears due to a cardiac massage. That is to say that they tried to resuscitate him, but he died, most likely due to cardiac arrest. But on the cause no one is saying anything about the arrest”, underlined the same source, making it known that for the moment an autopsy has not been carried out. Meanwhile, tomorrow the wife of the now former Russian dissident, Yulia Navalnaya, has been invited to participate in the EU Foreign Affairs Council in Brussels. “EU ministers will send a strong message of support to freedom fighters in Russia and honor the memory of Alexei Navalny,” High Representative Josep Borrell wrote in X. “His words will help all of us Europeans to understand even better what type of violent system we have to face and contain in Ukraine”, commented Foreign Minister Antonio Tajani, according to whom Navalny “challenged the Russian system and was killed after years of unjust and uncivilized persecution”.

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