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«Covid, healed us with natural products»

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«Covid, healed us with natural products»

FELTRE – The witnesses summoned by the prosecution, yesterday in the trial against the titular biologist of “La Bottega delle Erbacce” in Borgo Ruga, defended the woman who…

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FELTRE – The witnesses summoned by the prosecution, yesterday in the trial against the titular biologist of “La Bottega delle Erbacce” in Borgo Ruga, defended the woman who helped them heal. Eight stories told to the judge in the Court of Belluno all in favor of Anna Maria Ronzon, 78 years old from Borgo Ruga, defended by trusted lawyers Roberta Resenterra and Liuba D’Agostini. The owner of the herbalist’s shop is called to answer for abusive exercise of the profession of doctor and pharmacist for the products recommended and sold in his shop in Feltre in the period from 2019 until May 2020. He would have worked to help his customers also against Covid with bottles of Influenza to be immunized against the virus. The last bottle had been purchased by a client-witness on May 4, 2020. The Nas had already been searched on April 21, 2020. He calls to ask if the Influenzinum was left: he arrives from Mirano in the province of Venice to buy the bottle on which “vaccines” was written, but he knew well that “they were herbal medicine things” as explained yesterday in the classroom. And finally he is stopped by the Nas.

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A customer from Valdobbiadene, Raffaella V.: «I was suffering from herpes in the mouth and someone advised me to go to Dr. Ronzon. I bought the vial called vaccine and I was effectively cured of cold sores. It was a herbal medicine laboratory, I don’t use medicines and therefore I knew I was going to someone who would have prescribed a natural method for me. I then went there other times and my parents also turned to her ». Then a girl from Treviso, Silvia M.: «I explained my problem, I had an irregular cycle, I had blood tests, hormone tests, gynecological examinations but the pregnancy did not arrive. Then I decided to go to this biologist and she recommended sage, raspberry, rosemary artemisia, cod liver oil and water hemp and I got pregnant ». Even the girl’s mother becomes a customer. Yesterday in the courtroom she spoke like this: «The doctor ordered me many natural products, such as hemp oil, vitamins. Certainly not to replace drugs, but to try to solve the anxiety and sleep disorders I had in a natural way ». When she was asked why she didn’t go to the doctor for those problems, the woman explained: “Because I didn’t get along with my doctor, he was unavailable, instead Dr. Ronzon was.” Then other witnesses: “We bought products to strengthen the immune system: on these bottles it was written that they were vaccines, but they were herbal products, phytotherapy”. Anna B.: «I had an ovarian cyst problem and while waiting to have the surgery I used natural products purchased by the doctor. And they have allowed me to alleviate the aches and pains. Then I had the surgery.” Maurizio C.: «I have been going to the doctor for 8 years to buy food supplements. I always go to the hospital for tests, but then I go to the herbalist’s shop to integrate traditional treatments». We return to the courtroom on 13 June 22 for the conclusions. Read the full article
in Il Gazzettino

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