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Healthcare, Schillaci “Greater inequalities and waiting lists” Il Tirreno

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Healthcare, Schillaci “Greater inequalities and waiting lists” Il Tirreno

Health Minister Schillaci Pledges to Fight Healthcare Inequalities and Waiting Lists

In a recent event promoted by Inrete, Health Minister Orazio Schillaci highlighted the greatest challenges facing the healthcare system in Italy and outlined his vision for the future of healthcare in the country.

Schillaci emphasized the need to eliminate inequalities in healthcare supply within the nation and to fight waiting lists, not just by increasing funds, but also by promoting the concept of appropriateness. He also addressed the need to provide greater certainty for doctors who are often compelled to practice “defensive medicine” due to the fear of unjust causes.

“Our healthcare project for the future aims to create a more equitable healthcare system across the national territory, addressing disparities between the South and North as well as between small and large cities,” said Schillaci. He also emphasized the government’s commitment to improving local medicine, utilizing funds from the Pnrr (National Recovery and Resilience Plan), and integrating telemedicine into the healthcare system.

Furthermore, Minister Schillaci pledged to prioritize the well-being of healthcare workers by advocating for increased salaries and improved working conditions.

“This is the challenge for the future,” Schillaci concluded.

The Minister’s remarks come at a time when the healthcare system in Italy is grappling with various challenges, including disparities in healthcare access and the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the healthcare workforce.

In his efforts to address these issues, Schillaci’s proposed initiatives could potentially bring about significant changes to the Italian healthcare system and improve the overall healthcare experience for citizens.

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