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High school diploma, here is the diet that saves exams for the 9,056 high school students from Bergamo

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High school diploma, here is the diet that saves exams for the 9,056 high school students from Bergamo

breaking latest news / Bergamo City Tuesday 20 June 2023

THE ADVICES. Coffee and pretzels rejected, milk and fruit promoted.

Beware of mistakes at the table that increase anxiety and insomnia and cause stressed students to lose concentration and serenity in view of the diploma exam. They range from the abuse of coffee to binges of pretzels and peanuts, from the overdose of chocolate to super spicy meals. This is what Coldiretti says, which has drawn up the list of foods “promoted and rejected” in the 2023 high school diet, which in Lombardy will involve around 76,000 students.

The numbers

According to ministerial data, Bergamo is the third Lombard province by number of graduates (there are 9,056) – explains Coldiretti Bergamo -. At the regional level, the first province in terms of number of graduates is Milan with 24,555 candidates, followed by Brescia with 9,414. Varese has 7,892, Monza Brianza 6,730, Como 3,689, Pavia 3,586, Cremona 2,840, Mantua 2,621, Lecco 2,471, Lodi 1,717 and Sondrio 1,417.

A real test of transition from adolescence to adulthood with safety measures for students and teachers to overcome which – underlines Coldiretti – as well as on the study it is better to focus on fruit and vegetables at the table, light meals and foods containing relaxing substances that help to remain lucid in these days of “mad and desperate” study to quote Giacomo Leopardi.

Small and light meals

It is important – Coldiretti suggests – to look for the right rest intervals with small light meals that avoid dangerous sleep collapses when preparation has to be resumed. To deal with the final rush, in addition to the abuse of coffee, both fasting and excesses are not recommended, in particular with heavy foods or with stimulating substances, curry, pepper, paprika, kitchen stock cube or too much salt.

Therefore, opt for foods that – Coldiretti highlights – help you relax due to the presence of an amino acid, tryptophan, which promotes the synthesis of serotonin, the neuromediator of well-being and the brain neurotransmitter that stimulates relaxation. Serotonin increases with the consumption of foods with simple sugars such as seasonal sweet fruit but positive effects in the evening diet are obtained with legumes, boiled eggs, meat, fish, fresh cheeses. Among the vegetables – Coldiretti still recalls – lettuce takes first place, followed by onion and garlic, because their marked sedative properties induce sleep.

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Good bread, pasta and lettuce

Help to overcome worry comes from foods such as bread, pasta or rice, lettuce, radicchio, onion, fresh cheeses, yogurt, boiled eggs, warm milk, sweet fruit and honey infusions which – Coldiretti highlights – promote sleep and help the body to relax in order to face the school challenge with the necessary energy and concentration.

And a good glass of milk before going to bed

Also good is a glass of hot milk, just before going to bed, which, in addition to decreasing gastric acidity which can interrupt sleep, lets elements enter the circulation during digestion which favor good sleep due to substances, also present in fresh cheeses and yoghurt, which are able to alleviate insomnia and nervousness. Finally – concludes Coldiretti – a good sweet of encouragement rich in simple carbohydrates, perhaps a light homemade cake with flour and eggs has a positive anti-stress action, as well as honey-sweetened infusions and herbal teas that create an atmosphere of relaxation and pleasure that relaxes the mind and makes it more ready to respond to the solicitations of the examiners.

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