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ISS, alcohol consumption at risk for 8 million Italians – Lifestyles

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ISS, alcohol consumption at risk for 8 million Italians – Lifestyles

In 2022, around 8 million Italians drank quantities of alcohol that put their health at risk. Three million and 700 thousand people drank to get drunk and 770 thousand caused damage to their health with alcohol consumption. These are the data that emerge from the annual analysis of alcohol consumption in the country by the National Alcohol Observatory of the Istituto Superiore di Sanità.

“Alcohol consumption in Italy highlights a consolidated and worrying situation of increased risk which is spreading among the most vulnerable groups of the population: minors, adolescents, women and the elderly”, says Emanuele Scafato, director of the National Alcohol Observatory of the ISS. “It is necessary to intercept all at-risk consumers early and ensure that those with alcohol impairments and those who are alcohol-dependent are treated.”

According to the analysis, overall there are 36 million alcohol consumers in Italy (77.4% of males and 57.5% of females). Approximately 10.2 million consume alcohol every day and 5 million have alcohol consumption that routinely exceeds guidelines. There are, however, 3.7 million binge drinkers, that is, those who drink to get drunk: just under 1 in 3 are women.

Also worrying is the data on consumers who have suffered damage from alcohol and who need treatment: there are 770 thousand, but only 8.2% (62,886) of alcohol dependents are under the care of the national health system services.

Finally, in 2022, 39,590 accesses to the emergency room were recorded with an increase of 12.1% compared to the previous year.

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