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Long Covid, out of 3 thousand cases, 91% with atypical headache or insomnia – Healthcare

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Long Covid, out of 3 thousand cases, 91% with atypical headache or insomnia – Healthcare

(ANSA) – ROME, JULY 04 – In 91% of cases at least one symptom among atypical headache, reduction of visus (sight), persistent cough, insomnia, breathing disorder, myo-arthralgia (localized musculoskeletal pain). Furthermore, two symptoms, considered less frequent but of great statistical significance, are ‘brain fog’ defined by attention deficit, mental confusion and a feeling of discomfort in retrieval memory in 76% of patients. And again: in 69% of patients ‘fatigue’ (subacute post-infectious fatigue) understood as asthenia associated with general malaise mainly related to the neuropsyche.

These are the effects of long Covid according to what emerged from a study involving over 3 thousand patients treated and coming from all over Italy in the Long Covid Città Bianca center, of the Ini group, in Veroli (Frosinone). It was taken care of by the head of the facility, Fernando Lunedi, who presented the work in Lisbon as part of the second edition of the European Private Hospital Awards. “An invitation – explains the doctor – a source of great pride for the Ini Group, which was truly a pioneer in the treatment of Long Covid diseases”.

“If the Covid emergency is officially over, we will continue the long Covid emergency for a long time to come, probably for years. We were among the first in Italy, in January 2021 – reports the doctor – to understand the need to create paths therapeutics for the aftermath of Covid, when the term ‘Long Covid’ did not yet exist. It is estimated that today it affects more than 65 million people worldwide”.

Each of the 3,000 patients accessing the Post Covid Integrated Clinic underwent a triage, nursing interview and outpatient medical examination for the classification of the case. The treated sample is slightly female, with a prevalence of the age group between 30 and 55 years, compared to the 56-80 age group.

The first classification phase was followed by periodic follow-ups at 1 month and subsequently at 3, 6 and 9 months.

In 7 patients, mostly women, it was possible to diagnose cerebral myelitis, an inflammation of the brain in simple terms that requires close observation and follow-up treatments of 12/15 months. In 5 patients there were signs and symptoms attributable to specific neuralgia of the lower limbs and tremors and involuntary spasms deriving from exhaustion and deficit in maintaining an upright position. It is common to find the previous development of interstitial pneumonia in the clinic.

“What emerges from our study – explains Lunedi – is that there are different and numerous variants of long Covid determined by different factors, the mix of which is unique for each patient: vaccine doses, age, sex, comorbidity, type of treatment used during the Covid infection, access to hospitalization, if necessary, administration of antivirals or IG serotherapy Another important answer that the study provided us with is that the timing of access to the Long Covid treatment pathway as well as the attention to nutrition and lifestyles have an important importance”. (HANDLE).

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