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Lose Weight-Diet-Health » If everything is explained with the “mindset”, something is wrong

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Lose Weight-Diet-Health » If everything is explained with the “mindset”, something is wrong

As readers and viewers, we should engage with texts and images and allow the poet to influence our imagination – there is a suggestive power in the narrative, which ultimately works with dream images:

There is an ancient forest that has not been touched by the ax for many years. It is said to be sacred to a god. At its center is a sacred well, sheltered by a grotto carved into the rock, and all around the birds sing their sweet laments. One day as I strolled through the shady groves, I wondered what my muse’s job would be.

Here we have a snippet of text from OVID, who explains that “his muse, the Elegy” will guide him (and consequently us), in terms of content and form, for example in the “Art of Love”:

Be especially careful not to reproach the infirmities of the girls,
yes, it helped some people that they were diligent not to see them.

The “girls’ mistakes” mentioned here are primarily of a cosmetic nature, which are constantly emphasized today by the media dissemination of ideals of beauty, which must lead to insecurities, fears and all sorts of disorders. Whether or not to insist on perfection here depends, following a fashion, on the “Mind set– some psychologists see these “inner attitudes” as changeable,

The body as a data carrier

We judge our own and other people’s thoughts and actions almost constantly; We can perceive a graphic that illustrates the “poetic suggestion” of writing a secret message on a slave’s body either way, but also as neither

vulgar nor frivolous. There is no gender discrimination here either; Elsewhere the poet recommended enciphering letters by swapping “she” and “he” and vice versa.

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The Gingerbread or Mindset House

We can easily imagine a house in the countryside made of gingerbread with sugar icing and we know that it has a limited shelf life. If we think of “the mindset” as a set of playing cards, a mindset house has the stability of a house of cards – the “mindset” is not only important in fairy tales and in matters of love, it can also be found in connection with “diet”:

With a healthy mindset for weight loss success?

This is what the TV show “Brisant” recently predicted – but the real question is how and whether, in case of doubt, the “mindset” (the way of thinking, the mentality) should, can and wants to heal. “Optimistic people have a positive mindset,” it is said, and anyone who gets that helps consider themselves lucky. The fact that sick people and those at risk of illness usually still have scope for a healthier lifestyle should not be ignored here.

“Studies have shown that constant stress and depression can lead to obesity. Excess weight, on the other hand, often triggers stress and depression. A vicious circle that psychotherapy can help with.”

Journalists have long been able to do what psychotherapists can do: use incomplete sentences to indicate where the other person could think further. In the “vicious circle of depressive obesity” there are always solutions in the long term, always back to the beginning, here for example

Pak choy coconut soup with capers

Steamed pak choi pureed in vegetable broth, served with lots of capers and decorated with a “nut salt”.

“The wrong basic beliefs lead us into the wrong behavior,” one could say; behind this lies the theory of original programming or groundbreaking engrams that cannot be overwritten “just like that.”

“Since people tend to have patterns and habits that appear to them to be the “only truth,” they tend to identify with them. For example, many people are convinced that they are overweight, unathletic and lazy and act accordingly Beliefs stick to their behavior in order to steadily restore the state they know.
The result: a constant vicious circle. If your own “losing weight” plan fails again and again, every setback would be punished with anger and further devaluation of yourself, explains Drachenberg. You give up on yourself again and fall back into old behavior. “According to the motto: I knew I wouldn’t be able to do it,” said the expert.”

Well, that’s one worldview of many possible ones. The role of fears, avoidance, reaction formation, adaptation and defense mechanisms is missing; There is overlap with theories of self-image and self-esteem, but also concerning omissions the narcissistic dimension regards. In other words: Where malignant introjects rule and rage, the “healthy stress management strategy” is at an end.

A flower that only blooms for one day can speak to us in a strange depth – ancient myths that tell of human-plant relationships within metamorphoses are also primal; Such primal relationships are also part of the idea of ​​our mental life, which is more than just “programming and stress management strategies”: The psychologically relevant narcissism is derived from “the narcissus” and has a word relationship to “anesthesia”. In a broader sense, this includes anesthesia, pain avoidance and addictive phenomena.

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The fact that people model nature and why they do it (not or wrongly) would actually be the overarching question that should lead to a more sensible way of dealing with nature, and therefore also to a better way of dealing with “humanity” and with oneself.

The slogan “Don’t eat meat,” as already known by Pythagoras, is based on the appreciation of souls – both animals and humans. Because there is also the transmigration of souls, there is a danger of consuming bodies that were inhabited by innocent or related souls, which was not considered morally flawless.

Little or nothing speaks against a meat-free diet (other than the “habit”), and the possibilities for a vegetarian diet are almost endless.
Here: tofu-shitake-broccoli-potato salad with fermented oat cream cheese.

Almost the same as before and “proof” that there has to be at least a little bit of variety.

The pictures shown last feature a potato salad, which is so far unusual in German kitchens; The salad dressing consists of vegetable broth and cream cheese from home-fermented oat milk. There is also mustard, vinegar, balsamic vinegar and a little oil. If available, you can also use a good hummus to thicken it further.

In summary: We definitely have choices when it comes to how we think and what we eat. The fact that what is known and “tried and tested” comes to the fore does not mean that better alternatives remain undiscovered. Where changes are necessary, something has to happen.

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