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Journalists like him, that is Robin Alexandermaybe

“… simply too busy with the dramatic situation in the world and coalition.

… There is a way of getting caught up in the news that allows you to avoid controversy. …for convenience.”

This is an opinion leader at work; his employer is “Die WELT”, opinions do not fall from heaven, they are made. We’ll get to the “controversy” in question in a moment…

Less meat, less cars, less light and heat

It may have been Ludwig Erhardt who once said that “keeping things in moderation” and “tightening your belts” were just part of the free social market order.

The best system imaginable also ensures more beautiful living, even if it does not ensure harmony with nature.

In any case, the times of the meat glut and “cheap German meat” are over, but the prices for meat are high Meat substitute products like imitation schnitzel (breaded) and soy mince, slightly less salty.
Most people stick to driving, even if they do an alleged cheap ticket mobilizes new train drivers, whose future price, if it is increased, would be an indictment and cause the discontent of the masses, and

“…those involved should not act as if the pricing of their tickets had anything to do with the possibility of renovating the public transport system – this has already been mercilessly downplayed long before.” (Nuremberg News)

Electricity bills Even if customers turn off the lights if possible, they now come with a standard request for additional payment, as do heating bills.

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If supply and demand Preis In any case, this is not due to increased consumption.

How the general ideal weight would help reduce energy consumption

There are certainly options – theoretically ways and means, but who cares?
I refer you here to the “success article” Oatmeal pampiness – freedom instead of eco-dictatorship!

Such topics would be in one Overweight working group to discuss, which could also address global issues such as “mass animal farming in China”.

Lentil soup base

Energy saving effects are often disputed, for example when it comes to speed limits.
However, no one will deny that glass production requires a lot of energy to produce glass canned goods, and it is “… assumed that 75% recycled material (cullets) are used to produce container glass and thus the theoretical minimum value… for the specific energy requirement 455,5 kWh/t lies.”

Melting the glass for three canning jars “costs” around one kilowatt hour of energy, plus a quantum for the transport, including the glass-filled food and the shards – energy that is largely eliminated when glass packaging is used multiple times at home.
I also have to point out that further savings potential can be realized if you use a multicooker.

The energy saving effect of sustainable household management is not disputed, but is not propagated, but is instead suppressed and ignored – just as microfarming is only marginally noticed.

If you look closely, you’ll see one or two green tagliatelles in this lentil stew. In my opinion, green pasta colored with spirulina is a regular part of the menu, and so I was pleased to see spirulina represented in a “biosphere in the desert” concept.

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Simple technology, “Low Tec”, helps humanity survive and can be spread through information sharing, research, experience and “doing”. This also includes a portion of self-control, which is discussed in the following TV report:

Shaolin Master Shi Heng Yi: How do I learn self-control? | Great hour religion | SRF culture
– The Shaolin are known for absolute body control and hard training. With the films of Jackie Chan and Bruce Lee, her martial art Kung Fu has also become known in the Western world. A conversation about discipline, freedom and breathing correctly.

Beans with bacon – here with “breakfast bacon” that was sliced ​​too thin for this purpose, but came out of the pan a bit crispy – is a traditional dish that can be enjoyed every now and then, even without endangering the world‘s food supply.

Die Self-determination In contrast to self-control, is a topic that concerns representatives of the people.

The controversies mentioned at the beginning, which could get you into trouble, lie in the area of ​​“simplified self-determination”, insofar as the first name and the gender stated on the ID card/at the registry office have to be changed subjectively.
What is noticeable in the uncomfortable debate is that “… the federal government’s queer commissioner, Sven Lehmann, hopes that the Bundestag will pass the law this year. “Those affected have waited long enough.”

What “queer” means and what the job of the queer representative is can only be answered very ambiguously:

“There is no single definition of queer; Since its creation, the term has been characterized by a constant process of change, appropriation and interpretation. For example, it is unclear whether polyamory, pansexuality, polysexuality or BDSM are included.”

Omnisexuality, and in the case of Tiresia also trans-transsexuality, can be proven in ancient writings, as can various forms of narcissism. Listening to this myth can be enlightening. (from 1:50:xy)

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In any case, the principle of “shape change” is determining – structuring – in Ovid’s Metamorphoses. In the Bundestag debate, perhaps one (?) somehow acknowledged some kind of gender change – but no MPs who confessed to their narcissistic metamorphosis appeared.

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