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Travemünde: long beach and big boats on the Baltic Sea | > – Guide – Travel

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Travemünde: long beach and big boats on the Baltic Sea |  > – Guide – Travel

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At the mouth of the Trave in the Baltic Sea lies Lübeck’s northernmost district and the bathtub of the Hanseatic city – Travemünde. The landmarks of the seaside resort: the sailing ship “Passat” and a huge skyscraper.

The first bathers came to the Baltic Sea beach as early as 1802 – Travemünde has been a seaside resort ever since. The beach promenade is a popular attraction today, as it was then. The 1.7-kilometre-long promenade with granite paving, play areas and loungers presents itself as urban-modern. The wrought-iron railing and the striking lights with their upward-facing shades have been preserved from the historical model from 1899.

Beach for every taste

Very popular in summer: the wide sandy beach.

The 4.5 km long sandy beach, which is divided by the Trave, is attractive for bathers. On the promenade on the city side in the west is the spa beach with beach chairs and a playground. East of the Trave, holidaymakers will find a beautiful natural beach on the Priwall peninsula, including a dog and nudist area. It is surrounded by dunes and can be reached by car ferry from the Nordermole. Both beaches are chargeable. If you want to save the resort tax, you can use the free green beach south of the spa beach.

Old Town and Embankment

The old town promenade along the Trave invites you to stroll.

In the old town, it is worth visiting the St. Lorenz Church with its 18th-century altar, which is well worth seeing. The church is still the center of Alt-Travemünde today. The front row, a car-free embankment along the Trave, is actually the town’s main street. Here holidaymakers will find many shops and restaurants in addition to the old resort architecture.

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The new Priwall with promenade

The Priwall promenade was inaugurated in 2020.

The newest and most modern part of Travemünde was built south of the Trave on the Priwall. There are numerous apartment buildings and a hotel directly at the marina with dozens of ships, as well as shops and restaurants. Completed in 2020, the approximately 600-meter-long Priwall promenade offers illuminated benches, a fountain made of granite blocks and two children’s playgrounds.

“Passat”: A look at the history of seafaring

The Passat is firmly on the Priwall. A ferry takes visitors there via the Trave.

One of Travemünde’s landmarks is also on the Priwall: the more than 100-year-old sailing ship “Passat”. She was launched in Hamburg in 1911 and made her first voyage from Hamburg around Cape Horn to Chile in the same year. Until 1951, the “Passat” was purely a sailing ship. The four-masted barque was later converted into a cargo-carrying training ship.

In 1959, the Hanseatic City of Lübeck saved the “Passat” from being scrapped and placed it under monument protection. Since then, the 115 meter long ship has been moored in Travemünde and can be visited daily from April to the end of October. Anyone who appreciates the maritime atmosphere can also get married on the “Passat”.

Old lighthouse and Maritim Hotel

The Old Lighthouse is 31 meters high and open every day.

Diagonally opposite is the old lighthouse, Germany’s oldest lighthouse, built in 1539. It has served its purpose since 1972. A beacon on the neighboring Maritim high-rise took over its original function. Both buildings are also considered landmarks of the Baltic Sea resort.

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The lighthouse houses a maritime museum on eight floors. 142 steps lead up – from April to October, visitors can visit the still functional light system and enjoy the view of the old town, the Bay of Lübeck and the coast from the gallery running all around. The neighboring 119 meter high hotel opened in 1974 and has been controversial ever since because of its massive size.

Ferry port Skandinavienkai and Travemünder week

The ferries pass close to the 119 meter high Maritim Hotel.

With the establishment of a regular train connection to Copenhagen in 1824 and to St. Petersburg in 1828, Travemünde’s career as a ferry port began. Today the Skandinavienkai is one of the most important German ports for traffic with Scandinavia, the Baltic States and Russia. Around two thirds of all Lübeck port handling is handled at the Skandinavienkai. Pedestrian access to the Skandinavienkai is not possible. Holidaymakers have the best view of the incoming and outgoing ships from the old fishing port and the adjacent pier.

The most important event is the Travemünde Week. Around a million visitors come to the international sailing regatta with a large folk festival every summer.

Varied walks through nature

Travemünde is a good starting point for longer walks in nature. In a westerly direction, a beautiful path leads over the Brodten steep bank to Niendorf. From the Priwall you can walk for kilometers along the beach to the east – the coast is not developed. Also worthwhile: the hiking trail through the “Südlicher Priwall” nature reserve. Along the Trave it goes to the nature reserve Dummersdorfer Ufer, this route is also suitable for cycling.

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Map: Sights in Travemünde

Further information

Between Travemünde and Dahme, a number of holiday resorts line the Bay of Lübeck. An overview of the seaside resorts. more

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