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a new ambulance and three doctors hired for the emergency room

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a new ambulance and three doctors hired for the emergency room

A new ambulance for 118 and 3 doctors hired for the emergency room.

The visit thereVasto Hospital of the new health director of the ASL, Flavia Pirola, it was an opportunity to bring some good news useful for restoring oxygen, especially to services that have suffered the most. Emergency in the foreground, therefore, but not only during the intense morning dedicated to the “Saint Pio of Pietrelcina” from the Strategic Management, who met directors and coordinators of the operational units at the end of the inspection at Emergency roomin Obstetrics and in Sale Operation. “Hot” topic, the latter, since the shortage of anesthesiologists It makes itself felt and penalizes surgical activities, in the face of consistent demand expressed by the entire territory.

In this regard the general director Thomas Schael specified the moves underway to integrate the staff of theAnesthesia e Resuscitation: “After the renunciation of the only winner of the aggregate competition in which we participated – he explained – who refused Vasto as an office, we are committed on three fronts: accessing the rankings of other local health authorities which have hired a smaller number of anesthetists than the winners , and formalize the request to the University to include Vasto among the training centers to allow the sending of specialists to the operating units of this hospital. It especially concerns anesthetists, because it already happens for other surgical disciplines. And again, remaining on the topic of specialists, we are inclined to contract 4 of them that we have in the ranking and in which we can invest, also in a future perspective, since they are all residents in the Vastese area, and can therefore offer a guarantee of continuity and stability in the years to come”.

Not one was missing long moment of discussion with the operatorswhich they exhibited at Flavia Pirola needs and critical issues of the operational units. “We treasure your requests – said the Medical Director – because we have in common the objective of growing the business and providing answers to patients more quickly. Today’s moment of listening is aimed precisely at this. However, I invite operators to review their organization to make it more efficient and to focus strategically on the “core” activities for the operational unit, perhaps the most requested or those on which greater expertise has been gained”.

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The visit was also an opportunity to reiterate the surgical vocation of the Vasto Hospital, in which we continue to invest. As in the case of Obstetrics, for which contacts with the Ministry have been restarted to unlock the 1.2 million loan for the adaptation of the portion of the department that needs to be renovated. For the moment we are thinking of intervening on humanization thanks to the 40 thousand allocated by the Region for the “Birth house”.

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