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Accelerating High-Quality Development in Agricultural Product Processing: Improving Research and Development of Intensive Processing Technology and Equipment

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Title: Heilongjiang Province Focuses on Intensive Processing of Agricultural Products to Boost High-Quality Development

Date: July 13, 2023

Source: Heilongjiang Daily

Author: Li Tianchi Liang Jinchi

Heilongjiang Province has unveiled the “Three-Year Action Plan for Accelerating the High-quality Development of Agricultural Product Processing Industry” and the “Policies and Measures for the High-quality Development of Agricultural Products Intensive Processing Industry”. These two documents are expected to play a crucial role in advancing the agricultural product processing industry in the region.

Zhu Zhimeng, the director of the Social Cooperation and Achievement Transformation Center at Northeast Agricultural University, highlighted that the “Three-Year Action Plan” and “Policies and Measures” provide a clear direction for the future. They outline mission objectives, supporting policies, key actions, and safeguard measures.

With a focus on optimizing the layout structure and driving the transformation and upgrading of the agricultural product processing industry, the documents aim to strengthen the green food processing sector and promote environmentally friendly practices. They also aim to expand the various formats of the agricultural product processing industry.

Zhu Zhimeng emphasized the operability of the “Three-Year Action Plan”. Leading enterprises are encouraged to invest in deep-processing and promote better results. He stressed the advantages of Heilongjiang Province in the promotion of green food processing, thanks to the cold black soil and abundant organic resources.

Technological innovation is perceived as the core of achieving high-quality development in the agricultural product processing industry. The action plan aims to drive technological upgrades and encourages universities to enhance their research and development capabilities in agricultural product processing equipment. The establishment of relevant majors in agricultural product processing equipment is also encouraged, ultimately raising the overall level of agricultural product deep processing technology and equipment in the province.

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Regarding the construction of high-quality brands and agricultural product processing parks, Zhu Zhimeng emphasized the role of platform carriers in facilitating cluster development within the industry. Effective marketing and brand promotion strategies are crucial to boosting the image and sales of agricultural products.

Furthermore, there is a strong focus on attracting large businesses and investments to the region. By leveraging the advantages of leading enterprises and large-scale agricultural product processing companies, local enterprises can be driven to rapidly upgrade their operations.

Zhu Zhimeng concluded by emphasizing the importance of constructing a standardized system to ensure the quality of agricultural products. By effectively promoting the green and organic brand, Heilongjiang Province can sell high-quality products at premium prices, furthering the high-quality development of the agricultural products sector.

With the implementation of the “Three-Year Action Plan” and the “Policies and Measures”, Heilongjiang Province is set to witness significant progress in the intensive processing of grain, food, and farm work. These initiatives will undoubtedly contribute to the overall advancement of the agricultural product processing industry, solidifying the region’s position as a leader in the sector.

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