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Carlos Antonio Vélez summarizes the team’s first qualifying block

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Carlos Antonio Vélez summarizes the team’s first qualifying block

After a double date in which the Colombian team achieved two consecutive victories with which it added six points against Brazil and against Paraguay, highlighting that the victory against the Brazilian team was the first that the coffee team had in the playoffs. Given this, in his X account the journalist Carlos Antonio Vélez made an analysis of the first eliminatory block in which he began by saying: “Be careful…. Without cajoling or lambonyery to “protect” the product.”

In his publication, Vélez mentioned at the beginning of his analysis that the team obtained three “button-squeezing” wins and three draws, but did not lose a single one, meaning that it remains undefeated; In fact, it is the only team in the South American Qualifiers that has not suffered defeat so far. On the other hand, he said that the best games were against Paraguay (for 70 minutes) and against the neighboring country of Venezuela.

Later, he mentioned the historic victory that the coffee team obtained against Brazil or what “remains” of this team according to Vélez’s words, thanks to “Lucho’s epic.” He then recalled that he had been criticized until the kidnapping of his father, but currently the Liverpool player is indisputable in the team. Likewise, he mentioned the technical director, Néstor Lorenzo, since according to him he is “insecure, unstable, changes late, incoherent and does not close games.”

Within his analysis he mentioned that the national team lacks both goals and definition, he also mentioned that the team has scorers that coach Néstor Lorenzo does not call and does not name as: Pérez, Castro, Casierra, Preciado, etc. According to what he said.

Additionally, the journalist highlighted the work of the Colombian team’s starting goalkeeper, Camilo Vargas, because regarding this, Vélez said: “Arquerazo… saved us against Uruguay, Brazil and Paraguay.” Likewise, he mentioned the new players who were called up, as well as the young people who are present on the team, but said that the positions were with “tweezers” and mentioned the compatriots: Castaño, Arias, Carrascal, Lucumi, Cuesta, Ríos, Sinisterra, Campaz.

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Regarding the old players in the national team, he commented that “incredible, but the only ones from the old guard who earned continuity: Uribe and James.” About the two of them he said that the first was pure balance and as for the second he thought that with the ball it was a “guarantee”, he also commented that he had a good attitude, “physically polished” and in the last two games in which he participated with the national team he thought in the collective aspect and not in the individual.

Regarding James, he added that he is not up to duels, changes of pace, running and when he doesn’t have the ball at his feet it doesn’t help much, but, regarding the performance that Carlos Antonio Vélez has shown, he said “I exceed what I thought he could give”, and precisely For the latter, he assured that the star of the Colombian team earned his place in the starting 11 by hand.

“The first pure balance and the second with the ball is a guarantee, good attitude, physically polished and in the last two games thinking about Us and not ME. It is clear that he is not there for duels, for changes of pace, for running and without the ball, he doesn’t help much, but he surpassed what I thought he could give. He earned it hard,” said Carlos Antonio Vélez.

Within his analysis of the team’s first block of matches, the journalist also mentioned the Copa América and in accordance with what the federation itself and the technical director argued, they said that the final of this tournament had to be played, since in relation to With the latter, he recalled that the Colombian team has not won a title for 22 years.

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“In the Copa América, according to the Federation and the coach himself, you have to play the final or….. It’s time to win something because except for games, which everyone wins, 22 years ago we didn’t win anything!”, he said. With Infobae

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