Home News “Citizenship income must be abolished”: Italia Viva launches the collection of signatures from 15 June

“Citizenship income must be abolished”: Italia Viva launches the collection of signatures from 15 June

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“Citizenship income must be abolished”: Italia Viva launches the collection of signatures from 15 June

«We want to abolish the citizenship income and, as required by law, the official collection of signatures will start from 15 June. But above all we want to change the world of work for the youngest. We will talk about it tonight at the Talent Garden in Rome and on Radio Leopolda ». Matteo Renzi writes it, publishing a post on his social channels.

“It’s a wrong tool, everything has to be rewritten. We are at the paradox that we spend a lot of money but there are poor without help, unemployed without job offers, companies without workers, more illegal work. More money is needed to fight poverty, resources directly to the companies they hire, more money in paychecks to those who work ”, comments online the president of Italia Viva Ettore Rosato.

The reaction of the Five Stars was immediate. «The country is exhausted, weakened by two unprecedented emergencies, but for some politicians, like Renzi, the solution is to abolish the citizenship income. It is not really possible to understand how, in the face of all the waste existing to date, we want to go and take away an essential economic sustenance from those who have nothing – says Senator M5S, Gabriele Lanzi – Sorry to note then that this proposal is particularly popular among those professional politicians who have not worked a day in their lives and cannot imagine what it means to live on less than 700 euros a month ».

«Despite the pandemic, the war and the energy crisis, Italia Viva launches a collection of signatures to remove the citizenship income from the poor. Millionaires do not touch, but whoever takes 700 euros a month must be stuck. The usual Robin Hood in reverse. The Italo-Arab neo-renaissance according to the Renzians », undersecretary Carlo Sibilia adds to the dose on Twitter.

«Renzi announces, again, that he will collect the signatures to abolish the citizenship income. He is not a reformist, but an irresponsible populist who makes propaganda against those who need help, after the pandemic, with energy increases and on the eve of a food crisis, ”says Deputy FI Elio Vito.

Meanwhile, while the political debate remains open, in April 2022, the beneficiaries of Income and Citizenship Pension were 1.19 million in total (almost 1.09 million RdC and 103 thousand PdC), with 2.65 million people involved and an average amount disbursed nationally of 561 euros. This was noted by the INPS in the Observatory on Citizenship Income, underlining that in the month the expenditure was 668 million euros. Most of the families reside in the South and in the Islands with 783,924 nuclei and 1,851,446 people involved (590.61 the average amount in these Regions).

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