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Indo-America is part of the Ambateño identity

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Indo-America is part of the Ambateño identity


The Indoamerica University participated in the 2024 Fruit and Flower Festival Parade under the theme “Generosity” with students of different levels and academic careers. Their two magnificent troupes toured the streets of the center of the city of Ambato, this Sunday, February 10, 2024.

Universidad Indoamérica participated in the 2024 Fruit and Flower Festival Parade.

The dance that was presented, before the excitement that the citizens were experiencing, was of happy tunes, lilting movements and multicolored costumes; a tribute to the beauty and generosity of our land, where beautiful and fragrant flowers grow, as well as delicious and varied fruits. Also, the generosity of the hearts of the Ambateños was exalted, always open to give and extend their hand to national and foreign tourists who visit us during these holidays.

“From the academy, we work tirelessly to promote the socioeconomic development of our region. We are inspired by the deep love we feel for this city where we were born, and we responsibly assume the commitment to promote a culture based on generosity, entrepreneurship, innovation and humanitarian aid,” said Eng. Saúl Lara Paredes, Chancellor. of Indo-America who, in addition, emphasized that the institution will continue its work of forming upright individuals who reflect the ideals that gave rise to these festivities and that endure in the spirit of the Ambateño people, exemplifying the impetus and perseverance in the search for the realization of their dreams.

The Indo-American Community is proud to be part of Ambateño history and actively promotes the participation of young people in events that strengthen the identity of the city of Tres Juanes. Through the preservation of traditions and exalting their customs.

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