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Injured during attempted scooter robbery, second bandit caught – News

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Injured during attempted scooter robbery, second bandit caught – News

Images of the attempted robbery of a Neapolitan engineer’s scooter which ended with two gunshots to the legs went around the web. For those events, which occurred in Naples, on March 29, 2023, the Carabinieri and the State Police arrested the second robber (the first, a 17-year-old, was caught in September 2023). This is a twenty-year-old from the Ponticelli district, seriously suspected of attempted aggravated murder, attempted aggravated robbery, illegal possession of a firearm in a public place and receiving stolen goods. The raid dates back to the evening of March 29, 2023 in via Reggia di Portici. It was taken while the professional was filling up with petrol at a petrol station. The two very young bandits, also riding a scooter, faced the victim’s strenuous resistance, reacted by exploding two gunshots which seriously injured the engineer.

Robbers trapped by a bug and a neck warmer

There is also a photo on Facebook, in which he is wearing a neck warmer identical to the one worn by one of the two robbers, framing Francesco Scurti, almost 21 years old (he will turn 6 on March 6) arrested as he was believed to be involved in the attempted robbery of a scooter , which occurred in Naples against an engineer, resulting in attempted murder. Scurti is suspected by the Carabinieri, the Flying Squad, the Prosecutor’s Office and now also by the investigating judge Gabriella Logozzo, of being the accomplice of the minor who on the evening of 29 March 2023, in via Reggia di Portici, shot the victim in the legs, guilty of not have immediately handed over the scooter they wanted to steal. From the comparison between the photo extrapolated from the suspect’s social profile and the images of the video of the attempted robbery, it emerges that Scurti and the robber riding the scooter are wearing a neck warmer of the same type and colour: black with vertical reflective edges. Subsequent investigations, also carried out through wiretaps, then strengthened the hypothesis that he was the minor’s accomplice, the first to be identified and arrested for this affair. The minor was also framed thanks to an environmental interception in which he made a real confession, without knowing he was being listened to. The police had in fact managed to plant a bug in the house where he was staying. Without knowing that he is being listened to, the young man makes it clear that he is the one portrayed in the video who shoots the engineer in both legs twice. “It (the footage of the raid, ed.) also came out in the newspapers… look where this video came out, on Rai2”, he says, speaking with another person in his company in the house in the Ponticelli district where They are. In the meantime, a phone call comes from the mother to which the minor replies: “mom, wake up from sleep, they know it’s me, they know it’s me…”.

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