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NY: Dominican arrives as an immigrant and now owns four restaurants | AlMomento.net

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Dominican immigrant Carlos Mendez defied the odds and achieved the American dream in New York City. Mendez, who arrived in the city over a decade ago with no papers or secure job, now owns four successful restaurants and employs around 80 people.

Mendez began his journey as a dishwasher in a restaurant, living with his family in a small room. Despite facing numerous obstacles, he never lost hope of owning his own business. He emphasized that being undocumented was not a barrier to his success, as he continued to work hard and remain focused on his goals.

With determination and perseverance, Mendez was able to open his first restaurant with just $5,000 and assistance from others who believed in him. He stressed the importance of doing things well and being responsible in order to climb the ladder of success.

Now a resident of the United States, Mendez hopes that his story can inspire others to pursue their dreams. He expressed his gratitude to the city for the opportunities it has provided him and encouraged others to believe that anything is possible.

Carlos Mendez’s story is a true testament to the resilience and spirit of immigrants striving for a better life in America.

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