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Petro named the ‘King of tripe’ delegate to the Valledupar Chamber of Commerce

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Petro named the ‘King of tripe’ delegate to the Valledupar Chamber of Commerce

President Gustavo Petro appointed Luis Alfonso Pérez, known as the ‘King of tripe’, presidential delegate on the board of directors of the Chamber of Commerce of Valledupar this Wednesday afternoon in the capital of Cesar.

The Colombian president arrived at 4:55 in the afternoon at a movie theater in the Unicentro Shopping Center, where shopkeepers and small merchants awaited him of the department of Cesar and other parts of the country, and from there he made the appointment.

Perez, restaurant owner where Poncho, Located in the Los Fundadores neighborhood of the Cesarean capital, he was surprised by the designation.

“I hope to do my best so that we can contribute to the well-being of small and medium businesses”, expressed the representative of the president before said institution that has a presence in 14 municipalities of Cesar and is led by José Luis Urón.


With the purpose of promoting the “popular economy”, the head of state has appointed 30 shopkeepers as his representatives before the chambers of commerce in the country.

“The popular economy is the one that the majority of people have, and it accounts, statistically, for the majority of jobs in the country,” explained Petro Urrego.

At the event was Hector Javier Galindorepresentative of this union at the national level, who said that more than 40 organizations of shopkeepers and small Colombian merchants formed an inter-institutional table, he added that for a long time they had felt “invisible”.


A Valledupar shopkeeper also expressed to the president the problem that thes high energy service fees, which affects homes and commercial establishments, a situation that the official addressed in his speech.

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“If you look at the Caribbean coast, you live to pay for the services, or you grab a pirate cable to take the energy because each person has to pay a fortune for that service,” Peter stated.

Faced with this panorama, the president proposes that the implementation of solar panels in stores and medium-sized businesses be increasingly greater, “especially in La Guajira and Cesar, the areas that receive the most sunlight.”

Around a hundred panels will be delivered by the national government, although the president pointed out that “One hundred is useless, they have to be thousands.” In addition, he expressed the idea to the mayor of Valledupar, Mello Castro, that “Any mayor’s office can be a generator of electricity.”


The president of the Chamber of Commerce of Valledupar, Jose Luis Uron, He asserted that he is “willing” to follow the instructions of the national government on the just energy transition and called on the institutions to support the proposals related to the use of clean energy.

Regarding the popular economy, Urón stated: “It is not what people are going through, which is the economy of rummaging, smuggling and other activities financed by the cobradiario. It is the fundamental axis for the generation of employment and economic growth”.

By Andrea Guerra Peña / THE PYLON.

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