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President Petro announces freezing of high salaries in the public sector for 2024

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President Petro announces freezing of high salaries in the public sector for 2024

During the opening of the congress of the Colombian Chamber of Infrastructure, President Gustavo Petro spoke of the difficult moment that the economy is experiencing and assured that high salaries in Colombia’s public sector will not experience increases in the next year, 2024.

He said that this decision arises as a direct consequence of the recent ruling of the Constitutional Court that stripped the government of approximately 6.5 billion pesos, funds that were intended to be raised through the proposed tax reform.

President Petro expressed his concern about the country’s economic situation and highlighted the difficulties the government faces in maintaining projected income levels.

“It is up to the Government to look at what to do, how it cuts and where it comes from. I don’t know how, but next year the high salaries in Colombia in the public sector cannot increase,” he announced forcefully.

“Income must be cut due to the decision of the Constitutional Court. “We are stuck, we are in the perfect storm,” declared the president, underlining the seriousness of the situation.

Furthermore, he highlighted that the freezing of high salaries in the public sector is a necessary measure, although not sufficient to cover the financial gap generated by the court ruling.

Petro pointed out that this measure will affect the three branches of public power. Economic uncertainty looms over the country, and the president urged the search for urgent solutions to avoid more serious consequences.

This announcement has generated mixed reactions in public opinion and among the affected sectors. While some analysts support the government’s decision as a necessary response to the circumstances, others criticize the lack of foresight and dependence on measures that could negatively affect the population and the functioning of public institutions.

In the midst of this panorama, Colombian society is waiting for the concrete actions that the government will take to face this economic challenge.

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The public sector wage freeze raises questions about financial sustainability and the country’s ability to overcome the economic difficulties ahead.


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