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Press review of Friday December 22, 2023 – Capsud.net

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Press review of Friday December 22, 2023 – Capsud.net

Several newspapers published in Kinshasa this Friday, December 22, 2023, are interested in the progress of the voting operations.

For the newspaper Congo New : “Fatshi – Katumbi: the war of numbers”!

As soon as the vote is over, the battle takes place at the presidential level, between two candidates. These are Félix Tshisekedi and Moïse Katumbi.

Since Thursday December 21, 2023, Tshisekedistes
and Katumbistes took to the web by storm to publish the results collected from this or that polling station. In this battle of numbers, each tries to place their candidate above the other. Each camp tries to gain a psychological advantage over the other by publishing results that are favorable to it.

On the same subject, Prosperity title: “It will be either Félix Tshisekedi or Moïse Katumbi”!

For his part, AfricaNews reveals: “The Katumbi camp sure of its victory”!

After the vote, it’s time for the results. Already, the first trends are emerging as the Independent National Electoral Commission
(CENI) plans to begin this Friday, December 22, 2023, the progressive publication of
presidential election results.

On the other hand, The future states in its headline: “The first trends give Tshisekedi the winner”.

According to the first trends collected according to this newspaper, a few hours after the presidential election was held, Félix Tshisekedi is the winner.

Returning to the technical disruptions and other logistical problems noted on the day of the vote, Econews title: “Elections in the DRC: the great shambles”.

Offices opened late or closed, voting machines absent or defective, voters not found on the lists… The elections
general, scheduled for Wednesday December 20 in the DRC, were most chaotic, concludes the tabloid. Signaling passage that, in front
the series of cascading dysfunctions, the CENI decided to extend the vote on Thursday,
thus strongly affecting the credibility of the election.

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