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Shed filled with waste, this is how the businessman from Arcade was deceived: the diversion of the 15 thousand euro deposit

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Shed filled with waste, this is how the businessman from Arcade was deceived: the diversion of the 15 thousand euro deposit

It was supposed to be a deal worth at least hundreds of thousands of euros, but in reality it turned out to be a colossal scam. New details emerge on the scam reported by an Arcade businessman who, a few months ago, filed a complaint with the public prosecutor’s office against a fixer from Giavera who, after proposing to set up a company for the recycling of fabric scraps, filled an entire warehouse with waste, which he wanted to sell to earn at least one million euros. Between 40 and 50 trucks of waste, but also mattresses and insulated material.

The project envisaged the establishment of a company for the recycling of textile waste to be transformed into wadding for the building industry, which later turned out to be a scam.

The businessman points his finger at a 69-year-old businessman from Giavera del Montello who has already gotten into trouble for defrauding an elderly entrepreneur from Treviso for about two million euros and for having attacked a troupe of the “Hyenas” a few years ago, together with his son, which was dealing with reports on events with wine tasting. Facts for which he is on trial.

The story dates back to the end of 2020 when the entrepreneur from Arcadia manifests his intention to sell a shed he owns, located in Giavera, for one million euros. The 69-year-old from Giavera immediately comes forward through a real estate agency in Spresiano, who first says he is interested in buying the shed and then proposes that he use it as a basis for a business of recycling fabric waste to be transformed into wadding for construction.

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«It’s the business of the moment», – he says to the entrepreneur to entice him. «I have a friend who has a contract with Benetton for the recovery of processing waste. We’ll make tons of money.”

The entrepreneur from Arcadia is convinced of the project and at the beginning of 2021 signs an agreement to make his warehouse available to start the new business. He hands over the keys to the property to the 69-year-old from Giavera del Montello and agrees for an investment of eight hundred thousand euros to bring the building’s electrical system up to standard.

Arcade entrepreneur finds the shed full of tons of waste and processing scraps

Mark Philippi

In March 2021, the entrepreneur understands that something is wrong because, according to him, of the 30,000 euros to set up the company, the 69-year-old from Giavera he had given him only 15,000 euros in bills expiring between March and August 2021. In the meantime, however, the entrepreneur sees that the shed is slowly being filled not only with textile processing waste, but also with mattresses, insulated sheets and undisposed waste.

And to each request for an explanation from the owner of the shed, Giavera’s fixer replies with a different excuse.

At the end of 2021, when the shed is now saturated with waste, quantified between 40 and 50 trucks of goods, the owner orders the elderly man from Giavera to return the keys to him. Which the 69-year-old does not do, making himself unreachable on the phone.

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The suspicion, feared by the businessman from Arcade, is that the fixer, before going untraceable, pocketed hundreds of thousands of euros to dispose of the mountain of waste subsequently stored in his shed. A former local politician from the Montebelluna area who had proposed himself as a sort of intermediary was also denounced.

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