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The bombs on Cagliari in ’43 come to life again in virtual reality – Sardinia

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The bombs on Cagliari in ’43 come to life again in virtual reality – Sardinia

Immersive exhibition on Allied raids in WW2

The terrible days of 1943 when the bombs were dropped on Cagliari can be relived thanks to virtual reality. Listening to the voices of Cagliari citizens, hearing the sudden sound of the siren and following the race to the shelters. And finally the roar of the explosion of devices arriving from the sky. The immersive exhibition to commemorate the bombings that destroyed the capital eighty years ago, when the Second World War was raging in Sardinia, was inaugurated at the Lazzaretto di Sant’Elia.
The central part consists of precisely the virtual experience. In the “walk” through the gardens of the Royal Sardinian Railways (today’s Piazza Matteotti, in front of the town hall) one hears the conversations of Cagliari citizens. Then the bombs and, thanks to the full immersion with helmets and visors, the sensations of fear and the subsequent sense of bewilderment after the devastation caused by the incursions of the allies. After the VR experience, the exhibition allows you to explore the topics through multimedia stations with touch screens and information panels.
The exhibition, which will remain open to the public until May 28, is a production of Net Press, a Sardinian company active in the creation of video games and in the training of professionals for the Video Game industry. The director of “VR 1943: The bombing of Cagliari” is Andrea Assorgia, director of the Game Maker Academy school of digital arts and techniques, video game developer, but also author of games and video games, for work and for passion, for more than 20 years.
Assorgia, an expert in virtual reality, has managed to blend together the storytelling with the use of 3D technology by developing “an artificial world“, the Cagliari of 1943.
Strengthened by its experience at the Lazzaretto of Cagliari and outside, in the preparation of exhibitions and cultural events, the Sant’Elia 2003 cooperative took care of the scenic layout of the exhibition in meticulous detail.

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