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They guarantee security during the holiday season

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They guarantee security during the holiday season

The mid-year vacation season is here and that is why the Public Force announced that it will guarantee security and tranquility at this time in the Special District of Buenaventura.

This is how, within the framework of the “Ayacucho” Joint Campaign Plan, the Public Force launched the “Battleship” plan, with which it provides security during the mid-2023 holiday season, in Buenaventura and in other areas of its jurisdiction in the Colombian Pacific.

The Marine Infantry Brigade No. 2 of the Colombian Navy announced the reinforcement of the security devices already established in the rural area and arranged its land and river operational units to guarantee the free mobility of locals and tourists in the beautiful port of sea.


For its part, the Buenaventura Coast Guard Station will continue developing controls on the Pacific beaches, ensuring the protection of human life at sea.

Likewise, the General Maritime Directorate through the Harbor Master’s Office will continue and reinforce the inspections on the coasts, beaches and points of departure and arrival of vessels, to verify compliance with navigation regulations.

The Buenaventura Military Gaula will continue to carry out its prevention activities in the communes of the District, encouraging the reporting to the free national hotline 147 of crimes that threaten personal freedom such as extortion and kidnapping, within the framework of the campaign “I do not I pay, I denounce”.

The Public Force, in institutional synergy with the Government entities, announced the disposition of its human and logistical capacities to ensure the safety of the inhabitants of the Colombian Pacific.

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In addition, he indicated that it guarantees the calm stay of those who will visit these areas of the Colombian Pacific.

The attractions

The beaches in the Buenaventura area are among the most visited during the mid-year season.

Many tourists come to this area of ​​the Pacific to enjoy the attractions offered by La Bocana, Juanchaco, Ladrilleros, La Barra and all the tourist destinations in Buenaventura.

You can also enjoy the tourist destinations located in the rivers on the banks of the old highway to the sea, such as the areas of Aguaclara, Sabaletas, Cisneros, Córdoba, Llano Bajo, Alto Dagua, among others.

Buenaventura is located within the Chocó Biogeographic region, one of the regions with the greatest terrestrial biodiversity in the world. Among the most representative are palms of different species, mangroves and orchids.

As for the fauna, you can find bats, chuchas, mamboré (the largest toad in the world), a diversity of butterflies and a variety of snakes.

Likewise, the humpback whale watching season begins, one of the most striking activities in the region.

In the urban area you can walk as a visitor to the Cathedral, the gallery, the boulevard as several of its attractions to see and enjoy.

Buenaventura’s gastronomy is also rich and diverse where visitors can choose between seafood ceviche, crab encocado, among others.

In addition, there are typical traditional drinks such as viche, arrechón and naidi.

The District of Buenaventura located in Valle del Cauca is a tourist destination that offers very diverse tourist attractions, among them is the humid tropical forest, in the vicinity of this municipality it is possible to appreciate the mangroves that serve as habitat for a wide variety of fish, beautiful beaches and the Uramba Bahía Málaga National Natural Park, full of varied ecosystems of flora and fauna.

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The authorities of Buenaventura called on national and foreign tourists to come and enjoy the various natural, ethnic and cultural attractions that this region of the country offers.

They invited to tour the city and its beaches that will be monitored by law enforcement that guaranteed a quiet season.


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