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Which name was the first elimination candidate in Survivor? Flash decision about Ogeday – Media News

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Which name was the first elimination candidate in Survivor?  Flash decision about Ogeday – Media News

SurvivorThe breath was held in . The strong competitors remaining after those eliminated on the island began to make the games more challenging. The Red Team, who won the tough fight with seconds to spare, breathed a sigh of relief. The Blue team, which went to the council in a bad mood, voted for the first elimination candidate of the week.


Last week, they pushed each other on the track, made them fall, and then got into a fight. Yunus Emre with wealth faced each other again. Yunus Emre and Yaman, who were on the course this week, were stuck at a point again and tension occurred after the game. During the game, Yaman’s friends shouted from the sidelines that he should not force them. Yunus Emre won the game and the atmosphere became very tense. Yaman’s friends asked him, “Why are you hugging the man at the common obstacle?” When Atakan and Hilmi Cem wanted to intervene in the incident, things suddenly became chaotic. Yunus Emre also said to Yaman, “I am now thinking of giving way to you in common obstacles” and the situation was concluded.


in the Red Team Merve “I hit my shin 3 days ago and it is swollen. I make ice, I lift my foot up, I do everything but it doesn’t go away. My ankle is swollen and bruised as it is. Sometimes people don’t believe it when they play games here, like ‘hands are classic, they do it on purpose, they lost the game, look, they moved aside.’ Words are said. Even if I lose a game, I never step aside. Today, I hurt so much that I didn’t let anyone know about it. Because sometimes different conversations can happen. But now the intensity of my pain is on my head, I can’t bear it anymore. It’s not a lie, what I’m experiencing is real. Everyone sees it. “I’m very angry and angry,” he said.

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Speaking at the council, Acun Ilıcalı said, “Pınar left her mark on Survivor this year with her speeches and struggle. Pınar said goodbye to Ada, I wish her success in her future life.” Ilıcalı listened to the incident from both sides, saying “These images are not normal images” about what happened between Yunus Emre and Yaman during the game.

Yaman said, “We had an incident with Yunus Emre before. There were problems with the common obstacle. First of all, I apologize to Emre’s family, I apologize to my own family. Emre received very good news. Afterwards, I kissed him and congratulated him. I think we resolved it between us. It will not happen again. “I think so,” he said. Yunus Emre said, “I attribute what happened to Yaman’s ambition. He wants to stay in Survivor and win, my brother. He pushed me hard at the first obstacle. I hope such things will not happen again. I also received an update. I am becoming a father. I want to cover it up. He is a good brother.” said.


Acun Ilıcalı said, “First of all, there is a Poyraz who is trying to restrain you and is eating you up. There is another part of the incident. How many times have we told you not to talk below the belt? You tried to attack, you knocked down the captors, tell me what to do. You are doing such a thing that you do not leave us any space. Yay for you.” Come on, you are the one who caused the incident, you attacked. If Yunus Emre leaves the matter there, the matter will be over and you are making interesting remarks. Yaman, we are giving you 2 reward and punishment. We are giving 1 reward and punishment to Yunus Emre. Your punishment was over today, but you have to restrain yourself. Yunus Emre will contact you tomorrow. “We are giving the award. You need to meet, we think you have such a right. You will be able to meet tomorrow,” he said.

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Acun Ilıcalı “There is another problem in the Blue Team, that problem is Ogeday. We will talk about this issue, but since it is a private issue and something only the Blue Team needs to know, we will hold a special council with the Blue Team I know related to. And then we will share it with the Red Team. “But we need to talk privately with the Blue Team,” he said.


Blue Team in the council vote That’s itHe received 5 votes and became a candidate for re-elimination.

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