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Xi Jinping stretches out his hand but prepares for war

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Xi Jinping stretches out his hand but prepares for war

While Pedro Sánchez’s propaganda media proclaim that the Spanish president has defended Zelenski’s peace plan before Xi Jinping. While they announce that, before Beijing, he has shown himself to be very harsh against Putin’s Russia and has asked, almost assertively, to stop “an illegal war.” While the propaganda organs launder the Chinese autocrat saying that he “offers the Spanish to make contributions to peace for the development of the world.” These same media silence the obvious and that is that the Chinese leader, Xi Jinping, “is preparing for war.”

When did you say this? At the annual meeting of the Chinese parliament and its highest political consultative body held in March. Xi wove the theme of preparing for war through four separate speeches, in one of which he told his generals to “dare to fight.”

His government has also announced with big headlines the 7.2% GDP increase in China’s defense budget, as well as its plans to make the country less dependent on foreign grain imports.

the laws of war

In recent months, Beijing has introduced new military readiness laws, new bomb shelters in cities across the strait from Taiwan, and new “National Defense Mobilization” offices across the country. Something has changed in Beijing that business and policy makers around the world cannot afford to ignore.

On March 1, the main theoretical magazine of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) published an essay titled: “Under the Guidance of Xi Jinping Thought on Strengthening the Army, We Will Advance Victoriously”

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This essay appeared under the pseudonym “Jun Zheng” (a homonym for “military power”), possibly referring to China’s highest military body, the Central Military Commission. The article argued that “the modernization of the national defense and the army must be accelerated,” calling for an intensification of the Military and Civil Fusion. Xi’s policy calls for private companies and civilian institutions to serve China’s military modernization effort.

Drawing on a speech Xi made to Chinese military leaders in October 2022, he takes hints at the United States: “In the face of wars that may be imposed on us, we must speak to enemies in a language they understand and use victory to win the victory.” peace and respect. In the new era, the People’s Army insists on using force to stop the fighting.”

The writing characterizes the People’s Army as good at fighting and with a strong fighting spirit. He recalls that “with millet and rifles, he defeated the Kuomintang army equipped with American material”; also that he defeated “the world‘s number one enemy (USA) armed to the teeth on the battlefield of Korea” starring in a powerful epic that shocked the world.

In December, Beijing enacted a new law that would allow the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) to more easily activate its reserve forces and institutionalize a system for replenishment of combat troops in the event of war. Such moves, as some analysts have pointed out, suggest that Xi may have drawn lessons on military mobilization from Russian President Vladimir Putin’s failures in Ukraine.

The National People’s Congress adopted a decision granting the Central Military Commission the power to adjust legal provisions, including “jurisdiction, defense and representation, compulsory measures, presentation of cases, investigation, prosecution, trial and the execution of sentences.

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New recruiting centers

Since December, the Chinese government has also opened a series of National Defense Mobilization offices — or recruitment centers — across the country. At the same time, cities in Fujian province, across the Taiwan Strait, have begun building and improving their defenses.

On March 5, Xi delivered a second speech in which he laid out a vision of Chinese self-reliance that went considerably further than any of his previous discussions on the subject, stating that China’s march toward modernization depends on breaking away from the technological dependence of foreign economies, that is, the United States and other industrialized democracies. Xi also stated that he wants China to stop relying on it because China currently relies on imports for more than a third of its net food consumption.

In his third speech on March 8 before representatives of the army (PLA) and armed police, Xi stated that China should focus its innovation efforts on strengthening national defense and establishing a network of national reserve forces to which can resort to in times of war, invoking as inspiration a 1943 campaign by communists to militarize society.

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