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Soccer Player Cristian Sacaza Reveals Controversy with Diego Vázquez and Hopes for National Team Return with Marathon

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Soccer Player Cristian Sacaza Reveals Controversy with Diego Vázquez and Hopes for National Team Return with Marathon

Title: Cristian Sacaza Uncovers Controversy Surrounding Diego Vázquez and his National Team Exclusion

Date: July 19, 2023

Soccer player Cristian Sacaza, who recently joined Marathón, has revealed a new controversy involving former coach Diego Vázquez and his exclusion from the National Team. Sacaza disclosed that he and his teammate, who was playing for Vida at the time, confronted Vázquez and questioned why they were only being summoned but not given a chance to play.

According to Sacaza, Diego perceived this act as indiscipline and subsequently never called them up for the national team again. However, Sacaza remains hopeful that with the arrival of new coach Reinaldo Rueda, and now representing Marathón, he will once again be considered for national selection, as it has always been his dream to wear the Bicolor shirt.

Having recently signed with Marathón, Sacaza made an impressive debut by scoring a goal and providing an assist in their 2-2 draw against Génesis de Comayagua. Sacaza expressed his ambition to win titles with Marathón and aims to become a key figure in the team, with the ultimate goal of securing a lucrative overseas transfer.

In an interview, Sacaza shared his feelings about joining Marathón, stating that he needs time to adapt since he did not participate in the preseason with Vida. However, he is determined to give his utmost dedication and perform well in the upcoming tournament.

Sacaza also expressed the weight of wearing Marathón’s iconic jersey, acknowledging the club’s previous success and the supportive fanbase. He emphasized the team’s collective goal to reach another final and compete for every title available.

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When asked about his personal goals with Marathón, Sacaza refrained from making any promises but expressed his faith in God and his commitment to improving daily.

Regarding his excitement about the new project, Sacaza expressed his desire to contribute to the team’s success by scoring goals and providing assists for his teammates. He hopes that his performances will catch the attention of the National Team selectors.

Sacaza shared the advice he received from Coach Salomón Názar, stating that it revolves around training well, maintaining self-belief, and actively contributing to the team’s victories.

Although he has joined a new team, Sacaza noted that he is familiar with several teammates from previous clubs, which made his transition smoother.

Addressing concerns regarding a demand by Vida that reportedly hindered his transfer to Marathón, Sacaza clarified that it was a complicated issue. He emphasized that his focus remains on playing football, leaving the resolution of financial matters between Vida and Marathón.

Confirming his affiliation with Marathón, Sacaza assured that all contractual formalities have been completed.

In an unrelated question, Sacaza was asked if he would celebrate if he scored against Motagua. Sacaza responded to the hypothetical scenario by stating that his primary objective is to become a champion with Marathón, reiterating the importance of focusing on individual and team success.

Regarding his absence from the National Team, Sacaza explained that his previous selection came under Bolillo Gómez’s management, where he played three matches and received praise from the coach. However, he was unexpectedly dropped from future call-ups. Looking forward, Sacaza expressed optimism about new coach Reinaldo Rueda’s arrival and the potential for more opportunities in the National Team, given the country’s pool of talented young players.

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When asked if he felt personally erased by Diego Vázquez, Sacaza confirmed their disagreement but stated that they did not say anything derogatory. Sacaza felt that their confrontational approach led to their exclusion from the National Team.

Lastly, Sacaza addressed the issue of standing out in their respective clubs, emphasizing that their performances with Vida were commendable. He expressed his eagerness for the arrival of Reinaldo Rueda and his desire to represent the National Team, as well as his aspiration to secure an international transfer.

With his enthusiasm and determination, Sacaza aims to prove himself to Coach Rueda and demonstrate his capabilities both for his club and country.

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